DLC Policy same as in V1?


Is it known if it will be possible for friends to join you on DLC maps even if they don’t own it? Like in V1?


I dont know how I feel about this tbh. On one hand thats incredibly generous and customer friendly on the other hand if you want to get new content you should buy it. The dlcs were always reasonably priced so dont be a cheapskate and pay the people for their work.

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Is he saying he won’t buy them ? Like you can have friend that are poor, or stuff like that.

Their policy about DLC was absolutely awesome in VT1, and I don’t see why they wouldn’t do the same (except for, well you know, money)


As @Winthiefow said: I never said that I won’t buy them. And calling me a cheapskate… well everyone’s own opinion about someone he/she doesn’t personally know.

Its a generic ‘you’. Im not calling YOU a cheapskate personally because your post did not imply YOU werent going to buy the DLCs. Im talking about FS making new content available to people in general even if they didnt pay for it. I mean it sounds nice but Im not sure if its a smart business practice. If the DLCs offer good content and are priced fairly people should just buy them if they want to play.

I think people should buy the dlc even if a friend has it, but I like the V1 policy as a rule of thumb. It doesn’t work in every game model, but with how grind heavy things become once you’re trying to craft/uncrate your perma items I think anyone trying hard who can afford the dlc would buy it anyways so that they don’t have to rely on friend’s hosting schedules.

The way they did it in VT1 was ideal. You don’t want to splinter the community every time a DLC comes out.

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