First Dlc just added in the list - SteamDB

They added the dlc recently, so they’re preparing and testing it
Can’t wait to see what they’re preparing in the next month


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Cant wait!

cmon fatshark, our wallets are out waiting to throw money at you


It might be free dlc you know.

Do we actually know anything about what kind of DLC policy they’ll follow with V2? I’d love a Witcher 3 style where stuff like cosmetics and weapons and stuff is free and big expansions are paid.

If they follow their VT1 policy, we’ll have big free DLC with cosmetics/end game content (VT1 first DLC introduced Reds, moar hats I think, and the Shrine of Solace)

If they do follow this I bet on an improved heroic deeds or fifth difficulty that actually drop more red/cosmetics and some reworking on the craft (Illusion gallery)

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It’s gonna be an impopular opinion, but the Dev should go nuts with the cosmetic stuff and even let players trade between then. I want to look pretty :3