What's your favourite weapon, and why?

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i love the intricate details of weapon usage, they are what makes the game fun.

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The executioner sword feels great now that phantom swings are gone. Equip it on merc and see it cleave through the bodies and crunch heads — it just feels super dangerous and satisfying.

At least, when the BH and pyro let me hit something. :sweat_smile:

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the phantom swings fix ALONE is honestly making the game feel new to me. coupled with the power changes, i’m having to reevaluate all weapons again. yay for renewed interest in slaying ratties!

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For melee I have really been digging Kruber’s Sword + Shield. I love feeling indestructible, and being able to shove an entire mob and send them flying never gets old. Bash here, slash a few there, shove some more. Plus being able to block Ratling bullets is pretty baller.

Ranged I will probably go with Shade Volleybow. It’s just so darn good against pretty much any target. Limited ammo so I can’t go around firing it all the time, but being able to whip it out and take down a horde or put a serious dent in boss/patrols is good fun.

wait… what???

Yeah, you can do that with shields. It drains your stamina rather quickly, though. You can also block ranged FF from the team with your shield.

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Yep as long as you are facing them and blocking they can’t hurt you, and the sound + screen shake from all those bullets hitting your shield is intense AF.

I found this out on accident when Sienna’s homing fireball skull decided to go straight for me and hit my shield. I automatically block whenever I hear her launching the skull now…

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Holy cats, that was AWESOME

ok, that was very cool LOL. legit flying dorf. i’m looking at shield items in a much different light now!

i don’t need to tiptoe around trigger happy bounty hunters if i have a shield anymore

Well, you do have to be facing them to block anything. So you can still get shot in the back :frowning:

What if you stack block angle to 360°? :thinking:

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I’m going to have to test this…

Slight tangent, I wonder what happens if you stack block cost reduction to over 100%? (if even possible)… infinite block? XD

I honestly do think they capped block reduction or angle at a max value, but this would be quite fun xD

About my favorite weapon… Hm damn there is too much
I like Exec Sword, Dual Axes, Grudge Raker, Drakefire pistols, Sword and Dagger, Glaive, Dual Daggers, Repeater Crossbow, Rapier, Volley Crossbow, Repeater pistol, Ceremonial Dagger, Fire Sword, Bolt Staff…
Actually whatever kills the ennemy with great style goes into my favorite weapon list xD

XSword is one of my old favorites - my absolute favorite from the first game! Now that its swings are fixed I love it still, but I think the spear is also insanely fun. It has such long reach - you can really poke safely from behind your tank and just out-range many enemies in melee combat. It’s really nice to have a spear in a game that’s actually really good. Plus it looks cool.

I personally love the flail. There’s something so satisfying about whipping it around and slaughtering things lol

Brace of pistols - because who doesnt like to be carrying around 30 guns to shot rat-things.
Shame they are only useable with BH … I do so like WHC attire.

Falchion’s my favourite weapon from v1 and takes the cake for v2, would be nice for similar 1 handers on other classes.
Really want something for bardin/kruber in between 1h hammer and 1h axe in terms of stagger and cleave, if the arming sword had an overhead charged attack it would be fantastic.

Torn between executioner for Kruber, 2-handed axe for Bardin and 2-handed hammer for both.
The hammer is hands down the most effective weapon, it sweeps away hordes and cracks bone beneath armor making it versatile and effective as hell.
The 2-handed axe is much the same except it has a little more damage and a little less sweeping power. It’s good if you want an edge fighting armored or high health stuff, and I often do want that edge.
On the other hand the executioner performs at lot worse because it’s so immensely slow and doesn’t have those tidal sweeps the hammer has, but it deals really serious damage, especially when you headshot. It’s still a lot of fun to attempt that and it rewards a good line-up with crazy damage and awesome slicing sounds.

Anyway, I like the slower weapons in general. There’s nothing like that freight truck feel they have.

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