Whats the point of Amaranthe execpt for ammo when playing with friendly fire?

Apologies if im missing something, but it can’t heal chip damage (making melee even less attractive) and when at/under 50% hp healing is a better option.

Wouldnt something like it being the trinket effect (hp regen to full, but no pots) with the 15 talents then being a lot stronger/faster regen for a few seconds when you hit you hit enemies, but weaker when not (for more melee), replacing hp regen with arrow regen (while still blocking self hp pots) and the team aura version which would remove the heal block but also make the self regen half as strong be a lot more “rewarding”/make it universally useful with a active downside for being able to self sustain and not just arrow fuel?

Tho ofc no clue of devs minds, its just my opinion based on observation and i probably need/should dive a lot more into higher level play.

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