Icon showing if you have healing trinket to the rest of the party

Just a small QoL, but it will help to make sense for the rest of the group why they ignore healing items. :slight_smile:

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Now here’s something I can get on board with.

Odds are this is one of the first items added to the QoL modpack once mods are enabled for V2.

I still don’t get why people with these trinkets don’t pick up healing items. Sure they can’t use them on themselves but they can give potions to others or use healing on others. It happened so often by now that the only one with a free slot ignored the healing items with the argument “can’t use have trinket”.

But yes, I think of all the traits this is the one the group should be immediately aware of without having to ask or wondering why the person doesn’t use any heals.

I think that is because the text don’t explain it that well.

Example, It don’t say this in the ingame description that ranger veteran have 100% crit with ranged while he is in his smoke, it really changed my whole opinion with his focus skill.

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