Add dwarf ranger passive skill "no friendly fire when he trows a bomb"

kinda neat to have that when u look at it. vt1 did have bomb trinket with no friendly fire


Would be awesome on his lvl 15 “battle brew.” I have made a topic for that before, so post your suggestions here, if you’d like. Make Ranger Veteran great again ;)

This was in VT1 as part of a certain Trinket’s attributes - and while practically needed for the particular trinket to be useful, it was just too strong. It turned into the Trinket’s primary use after being added to it for user (and party) safety. Getting overwhelmed? no worries, throw a bomb into your feet. Friends having trouble where you cannot reach immediately? No worries, just chuck a bomb to their general direction. A Patrol coming up? Why be extra careful, I can always bomb them if they get too close, no need for forethought or accurate aiming. Restricting this to one character would do practically nothing to reduce it power. Putting it in as a Passive skill would be absolutely too strong (and teach new players bad habits, and make it useless on lower difficulties), and making it a Talent would just make it (and bomb production) be an automatic pick for that level unless paired with something very attractive (like, dunno, unconditional +15% Power?). RV is already considered by some to be nothing more than a bomb (and ammo) vendor machine, this wouldn’t help that and in fact would only enforce that role.

Instead, teach yourself to toss the bombs reflexively, and to aim them well. There are several to be chucked in the Keep every time you load it, try those out. See what’s their AoE, learn to estimate it on the fly and then save your friends without needing a crutch ability. Oh, and if you’re on voice comms, speak up before you’re tossing one. The character’s warning comes up a bit late to be useful.

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this was unnecessary^^

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