Putting some sens in the game

Hi all,

First of all congratulations and a big thank you to the fatshark team for bringing us Vermintide 2 and making a bunch of new things from the first episode.

I am just a regular joe who has played extensively the first game and the 2nd since open beta, currently I have over 100+ hours in VT2 and have seen the different changes happening in the game.

I’ll list here things that I believe need improvement :

  1. One button kills are obnoxious for everyone who don’t have it (anyone but elf and sienna). Could it be limited to 1 special and requiere tagging to aim otherwise be random and kill one unit ? Another change would be to increase CD as it is being spammed all the time.

  2. Ammunition ranged weapon passive are either non-existent either half baked and working only on crossbows. It would be nice to see them working on shotguns as well.

  3. Dwarf ranger is probably the worst class of them all. Since most people in quick play will steal the ammunition and your shotgrun (one of the 2 only reliable ranged weapons) dont have working passives to restore ammunition. (if critical hits did bring back 2ammo, using the smoke bomb would allow you to replenish a little bit of ammo while maintaining balance).

  4. Item stats should stack all at once, right now although I appreciate the itemization part I see it having no effect on the game aside from actual legendary passives. The rest seems is either not working properly either unrelevant.

  5. Training dummies are useless. Sure its nice to troll with them by throwing them of the cliff but alot of attacks don’t show any damage or respond (ex : shotgun push/hit, sienna’s beam staff secondary, fire or poison damage over time (DOT) ex … ).

  6. “Normal” illusions make no sens, you can extract an illusion and bring back the weapon back to its original look why trick new player in spending 20salvages and safekeeping things that they already had ? I did this mistake and stacked many “Normal” illusions thinking that they were place-holders for the “real game”. After release I realized that no these were meaningless.

  7. Put both a level and power cap to game difficulties or allow players to see each other’s loadout and total power. Also prevent the “transfer” of power from character to character.

In some cases you are an experienced player on a “reroll” with already more power than your team mates but they give you “s***” because you are low level.

In other cases players are just creating lobbies where the goal is not to win but die the farthest possible in Legendary to make quick XP making proper players loose time finding a game and making future poor teamates.

In all cases, reaching level 30 once make any lootbox from recruit and veteran (capped at 200 power) strickly useless and a source of salvage.
Allowing levels 10 - 12 to access veteran till at least lvl 20 would be nice. While at the same time making legendary worthy for loot of lvl 30 stuff but giving no XP (unless the player is invited into the party and not a random pickup).

  1. Id’ appreciate less talents but more diversified with some converted to weapon passives to make itemization more relevant. (Right now you have “meh” itemization with “meh” talent specs).
    For example everything that is common to all classes : HP on crit/kill/bosskill could just be weapon/weapon/necklace passives.

Overall I feel a little frustrated to have “finished” the game while it is clear that it is not yet fully finished/balanced. I do keep hopes that the devs are not getting to stoned while the game is selling so well and are working on the base game before pumping out DLCs (which is often the case in games nowadays).

Optional 9) Make a “story mode” where solo or parties can go through the game in the proper story order (if there is one ? honestly I am just going from random place to random place) without interruptions or manual input of choosing map etc which can all be changed by new group members.

  1. What are deeds for ? if you have already a lvl 30 char what is the point of doing them in recruit or vet ?? I liked the rewards from the 1st game at least you could choose to do them for a special trinket or cosmetics, a random and average lootbox feels really cheap.

  2. There are still a bunch of crashes, I believe the first game didnt live very long because it would constantly crash, I would have hoped that the devs had this figured out for this opus.

Thank you in advance for your understanding and feedback,

Hopefully we will still be playing this game in 3 months.

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