General Improvements Recommendations

Over 900 hours in Vermintide 2. Here’s thoughts.

Allow switching voices in barber - having to relevel a character, and redo all the gear just to test another voice proper feels like terrible venue, especially considered character slots ARE limited. Physically can’t do that.

Weeklies and rewards for them - make them account wide, increase number if needed. Don’t push MMO-like fomo and alt hostility on people, just makes you feel worse for trying to play more than 1 class.

More specs - duh. Vermintide 2 started with 15, Darktide starts with 4. Feels like heavy downgrate. SURE, combat feels better (when game works, that is), but customization and voices are NOT playable content, just flavor to plaster. Some of the current specs (i’m looking at you, preacher) are straight up copies of Vermintide 2 specs, feel lazy af. I feel outright scammed having this little choice of gameplay on release. Sure, weapons are many, but i can have a dedicated guess they WILL be shared with other specs, most of them. Each one currently have what, 2 unique ones with 3 variants? That is not diversity of play.

Private play - Let us play with bots if we want. Not allow randoms to join. Instability of your game shows it very prominently. Player drops out (for whatever reason), and his spot is taken before he can relogin.

Matchmaking specs - you push diversity with class auras being unique, so tell me WHY we are getting lobbies (randomly populated) with 3 psykers? If we form a party, sure, let us run what we want, but make people wait 3 more seconds to fill a spot with aura we don’t have.

Extended practice - ability to actually FIGHT enemies. Let them hit back to test damage resistance/toughness recovery, learn their attacks and how to avoid them. (Credit to

Interface additions - Proper ammo counter (because it differs between types and quality). Proper ammo counter for allies, and indication for scriptures/grimoires. Ability to “favorite” items, function already been in VT2.

Clarify stats - what does EACH stat does, precisely? What is IMPACT, for example?

Clarify situations - visual effects for important durations, such as preacher’s undying, or ability durations. Same for passive/active effect cooldowns. Been done in Vermintide, no excuse not to have it there. More prominent effect for coherency, just a number on an icon is not obvious enough.

Portraits - More obvious class identifactions. Current constantly changing color icons are sometimes impossible to tell at a glance.

Lobby - give ability to change character in lobby. See other people’s equipment.

Chat - should be active at all times, including loading. Voice chat is. Make it clear who speaks in your chat, if they are not part of the strike team.

Might update if more thoughts come to mind.

I wish you could practice against enemies in the meatgrinder, it would be nice to learn boss patterns / or the heavy metal guy’s patterns, or practice dodging against mutants or dogs.

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