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It’s been a while since a proper update came around.
Last one was Okri Challenges which kinda felt like a bummer : Not counting already played maps with previous characters. It’s like playing again from the start. But I get that, I get that. No one forced me to do a career hunt, I just had nothing better to do in this game.

Anyway, career hunt is done since some time. Ennemies challenges done except for the two bugged one.
I m left with deeds to run but I don’t see the point after 100.

By playing now, the only thing I get are more red dupes which leaves a bad taste in my mouth to the point I m not having fun playing anymore. I guess after 900 hours of played time it feels about time right? Well I think I could play a lot more if there was a bit more communication and updates.

Last updates were kinda messy (reimplanting bugs that were previously fixed or adding new ones like silent leechers & stormers) The only communication from the past month were focused on Xbox.

Mod were released but other than testing a few stuff by spawning ennemies and checking damage done with various weapons I don’t see the point of running any map on the modded realm. Feels like a bone was thrown out to chew but it feels full of mud.

So what’s up? What are the current issues Fatshark is facing and what is Fatshark currently working on?

Don’t get me wrong, I like the gameplay (playing since VT1) and still playing from time to time but boy, work on communication if you remove roadmap from your website… I m not gonna try to pull friends to play the game if I don’t want to play it anymore!


I have taken to watching the flight of birds across the sky, pondering the patterns in the tea leaves in my teacup, and examining the liver of various animals I have ritually sacrificed to garner some information about the future of Vermintide 2.

Short of using heretical warprcraft to commune with Tzeentch and somehow have a look into the future, there is little hope of actually receiving some accurate information.

Incidentally, the pattern in the bubbles of foam in several pints of lager, coupled with the pattern of salt across my hand as I had my ninth tequila, suggested I might vomit horribly at some time later that evening. This turned out to be empirical fact and therefore my Haruspicy can be completely trusted.


There was a post on the steam forums here.

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I wrote up a really long angry post/rant about the lack of communication on Fatsharks official website, but then I thought better. Thanks for the link Fuzzy. Really hoping the Hedge starts hitting us up with them updates on their current objectives and goals. It’s rather kind of annoying to have to browse steam and reddit threads, trying to figure out what’s going on. Perhaps this is what he meant when he said they would be giving us updates, I don’t think he specified where they would be…

Well that doesn’t exactly inspire confidence… They had to completely redesign patrols to fix the sound issues? We might get a bot change as well and paid cosmetics is confirmed as “Something in the future” like every other feature currently up in the air.

Even more, the content update didn’t bring patch with it. FatShark left us without fixes and balances for so long

Guys, don’t be impatient. In the already-linked Steam thread Robin already (in passing) mentioned a very good reason for not much updates lately: It’s July. People are vacationing, including (and especially) game developers in Sweden. Wait until halfway to August so that people get back to work and get their backlog done to see what and how much is really happening.

Let’s be fair, Swedes don’t actually work even when they are at work. Mandatory “Fika” breaks are very important in Sweden :stuck_out_tongue:

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