Whats Next? (2024)

What do you think will happen in 2024?
New maps?
New weapons and weapon mechanics?
A whole new story expansion?
New types of enemies?


All of those things hopefully! Maybe we’ll even get that mythical 5th Class to fill that vacant 5th character slot! :wink:

New Maps: Always a good thing!

New Story: I’d love to see how this new Wolfer-Zola story turns out!

New Weapons: I’d love 2-handed Power Swords, Officer’s Sabres and Hellguns for the Veteran, more ranged options for the Zealot in general, 2-handed Force Swords and new staves for the Psyker, that improvised 2-handed weapon that the Crushers use and a 2-handed Power Maul for the Ogryn!

New Enemies: I heard Wolfer mention Chaos “Witches” over the Vox on Mercantile, so maybe those are some new Psyker enemies?


very rare items that have max rating and no locks. also more ways to increase the quality of the end reward during a mission


>Enter a Room
>Screen starts glowing blue
>Character dies
> “Eat this you filthy loyalists KEHEHEHEHEH”

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I would hope (Seeing are the difficult time, fixing stuff, console…) a content patch every other month. (1 per trimester would be good enough)

With at least 2/3 Tool of War patch (Completing the remaining ones) ~15 ranged, ~10 melee

3/4 Map patch with 2 new weapons each (Like the “Signal” patch): Meltagun, 2h Chain Axe, 2h Force Sword, 2h Power Sword, Longlas, Power/Shock Maul

And 1/2 story missions like the Twins

Ideally we would see the Toxgryn, a Dreg Mauler, and a Dreg bomber sooner than later.

But also a Dreg Sorcerer too


I want two things, more 2 handed weapons, and a crafting rework.



What about it ?

My Ogryn is too dumb to respond to Psychic attacks.

I think a room full of Dreg Maulers would be pretty scary to some, if not most of us. I love the idea of filling in those gaps with the Dreg enemies, but the meme just kinda came to mind and I had to do it. Loving the weapon selections, too!

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They wouldn’t be more common than Scab Mauler I’d guess

I’d assume so, just we’ll have to be a little more vigilant when we’re in a Dreg-dominated area. Not a problem but it’ll create many funny memories, I’d wager.

Actually, I was gonna ask you to evaluate what the Tox Ogryn was but then I found this!

That’s… pretty freaky, but I like it!


Here is my wishlist:

5th playable class, hopefully a tech-adept

Rework on current assassination bosses, just pick one and make it different than the other

Red weapons, 3 perks.

Add a weapon strip function to Hadron to let us keep rerolling those 380 profane weapons

Pooling weapons between all characters just like money


Praise the Emperor :pray:t2:
(My OCD prevents me from using non-class-specific weapons right now due to the absence of weapon pooling)

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That’s my first pick as well, I’d love to play as a Tech-Adept and support my team with weapon/health buffs or something, not to mention the drip, personalities and unique weapons :wink:

Things I think will happen?: Crafting rework, red weapons, new maps, new weapons, new dialogue, more special assignments, 2nd Hive City material, 5th class (probably a ratling), we fight / kill Wolfnir, DLC.

Things I’d like to happen?: A customizable Twitch Mode. Please.


I don’t get why people want a Mechanicus-related class. They just plain don’t fit the current narrative origin of our rejects on the Tancred Bastion, but more importantly they’re too inhuman to have meaningful connections with our current set of characters.

Now, Fatshark could release a new set of classes with a different origin to open up said narrative, but just slapping in a new class in the existing structure would not be acceptable.

(Wheezing laughter)


Hopefully the crashing will be fixed.

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