What's actually happening within FS?

Hello all,

Just another post re Fatshark and their…unconventional… let’s call it, approach to community engagement and handling of DT.

I don’t want this to turn into another FS bashing thread. We all know the ways they’re incompetent so there’s no need to flog that horse.

What I am interested in however is the actual cause of all these issues.

Is their CEO grossly incompetent? Is there a power struggle with senior bosses? Are their higher ups all a bunch of suits with no real clue? Are they crippled by diversity/personality hires which is resulting in all these problems and delays?

Just wondering if anybody has any real insight into how they have dropped the ball so hard and so many times.

TLDR; why are FS so incompetent. Let’s not make this into another bashing thread and more of a fact finding endeavour.


I’ve heard hearsay about anecdotes about the company structure being very flat, except for the c-suite equivalent at the top and every team is relatively silo’d away with little communication between each other.

That would explain the difficulty in getting an overall picture of anything internally.


If we disregard the mixed messages here. We will most likely never know why it is like this, unless a Fatshark employee gives their side of the story. And even then, we won’t be able to prove anything.


you understand that posting a thread to insult the devs by posing the insults as questions is still posting a thread to insult the devs right?


Let me be clear then, I honestly think DT is a great game. It’s fun, the art and sound is incredible and 100% of my frustration comes from wishing I could get more.

If that’s too offensive or overwhelming for FS or the forums then I’m happy to have this thread deleted.


Ahh very interesting.

I’m getting a “everybody is in charge therefore nobody is in charge” vibe which explains the lack of output.

Its really confusing to try to figure out from the outside… honestly - I’m perplexed as well.


Your guess is as good as anyone else’s.

That’s not what anyone is saying. But you came out swinging, thinking people would not notice. And when we noticed, you become defensive and calling us too sensitive for this “hot topic”.


Definitely a loaded topic and it’s not possible for any of us to answer. All we can do is speculate and that’s not useful. Much like the text of the OP, it’s likely just going to be insulting while claiming to not bash FS.

I’m no fan of their hands-off approach to community management or their lack of coherent plans for the future of the game, but this doesn’t feel like it’s going to be a topic that should continue…


Well, while trying to avoid speculation, we do know for certain that there are several roadblocks -or shall we say checkpoints?- for anything new.

  1. Games Workshop. As part of the contract for using the IP, GW can exercise full yea-or-nay authority over EVERYTHING. It all has to be approved before it can go forward. There is no saying on how long this process can take. Apparently, in VT2 there were a few things like portrait frames that were stuck in indefinite waiting, neither denied nor approved.
  2. Microsoft. Now that they have implemented cross-play, the Steam and X-Box versions have to be synced, and all X-Box patches must first be approved by MS. So unlike in VT2 where they could release the Steam version as they pleased and then start the approval process for the console patches, all patches must be implemented at the same time. From other studios I have heard this can be a few weeks to over a month of delay if MS gets real serious about it.
  3. Tencent. This one is the least known or definite and FS has said in the past that they exercise no decision making authority but such statements are SOP for commenting on business relations to outsiders -especially customers- and some specific changes can be noticed going from VT1/2 to DT. The implementation of premium currency and the premium cosmetic shop certainly come to mind. Also, the hiring of Chinese subcontractors for character models. It could be fully legit and just a good choice but it is also a central government policy of the Chinese to encourage sourcing labor and/or goods from Chinese companies to maintain an influx of capital into the country. All of it is possible evidence of Tencent making stipulations.

All of these compounded could add up to some serious interference and delay. But, as outsiders, we will never know the true story.


I heard this as well. Basically the company functioned well with a flat structure when it was small, but then the company quadrupled in size going from VT2 development to DT release, and the increase in size was done with no thought to how that would interact with the companies structure, which resulted in problems.

I have heard that they do internal game jams and are actually pretty fast at game dev on a smaller level, its just as a whole the company’s workings are jammed up by that flat structure.

Siloing, bureaucracy, and slow decision by committee probably play a large role.

GW, MS, or tencent I do not believe matter that much ultimately because other companies without this flat structure deal with similar or the same 3rd parties capably. At most they slightly exacerbate the existing issues in Fatshark.


Funny thing, FS gave themselves extra day off :slight_smile:
I guess for them its job well done

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You made me laugh… you call them incompetent but do not want to bash them… too late.

I believe that it is a combination:
1.) FS has always been like that it seems
2.) FS has been bought by a company and so… this company decides the business choices. From several games where I have seen such event occurs, it never goes well as the spirit of the game is lost in the interests of the buyer.
I believe this explain the crafting and the cosmetic system, the two worst choices for Darktide that will surely be also what will kill it at the end.


It’s not “insulting” to call a spade a spade. Fatshark are clearly demonstrating their lack of competence in certain areas. If they, or anyone else for that matter, find collective consensus on that offensive they need considerably thicker skin and maybe a career change. These types of threads should not be devalued by reductively calling them “insulting”. If the truth is so upsetting, blame the cause for that truth, not the one who speaks about it plainly.

That being said, it’s like others have mentioned; we can’t really know from the outside save for some halfway decent speculation, which ultimately is still just speculation.



I tried to be clear and objective and unfortunately people are taking it pseudo personally for some reason.

They’ve failed in a lot of areas and I am more interested in attributing that short fall to some objective reason other than “FS suck just because”.

Luckily there have been some good responses so far which helps me understand the landscape of FS a bit more.

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Nonsense. If you were to post a picture of yourself, I’m sure we could find 50 things about you and go: “Wow, your nose is big! You have bad skin! I’m only telling the truth! A spade is a spade! Ugly is ugly!”. You can criticize and comment without being a bellend about it.

I don’t believe you understand what being objective is. Being objective is taking out any personal feelings about something. You clearly harbor issues towards Fatshark, which is fine and all. But you were anything but objective.

If you would just have gone “Fatsharks are idiots, I hate them, BUT, I don’t want this to be yet another shitposting thread, so I hope we can all speculate and brainstorm what we believe is happening behind closed doors. Even though I hate them more than anything EVER!!!”. Nobody would have batted an eye.

Pretty sure the term bellend is generally considered an insult. And I think we’re all sensible enough to distinguish ad hominem attacks on a persons physical appearance (over which they have little to no control) and criticisms of actions and decisions made. This thread clearly leans towards the latter. I’m not sure why you’re so gung ho about acting like this was some firebombing of everything Fatshark. The whole opening strikes me as incredibly mild compared to most other threads of this nature on this forum.


To be fair,

The first 49 insults would be from me.

Am I frustrated this awesome game is on life support? Yes definitely no doubt.

Do I want to logically attribute FS failings into clear and well laid out reasons instead of just hating for the sake of hating like almost every other thread is? Also definitely.

I think the one taking it personally or being unable to regulate their emotions in this thread is clear.

I’ve said what I’ve had to. Keep going if you want but I’m not going to engage in discourse outside of this threads intention.


To continue…

Alhough I have no idea what’s going on inside the company (obviously) and “where the issue lies” I would be incredibly thrilled to have a “come visit us in the office and hang out” day, despite my hatred for our so called capital, Stockholm!

Skåne FTW!

I’ll admit that I’ve previously criticized Fatshark heavily on this forum.

What’s on my mind right now is more of the realization that Fatshark may have a completely different perspective on games and how they make them than we the players do.

Similar to the WoW community, we “Darktiders” are highly enthusiastic and emotionally invested in the game and probably more so than the company/people behind it which wouldn’t be so strange when you think about it.

We (some of us) want Darktide to be our “forever game”, but Fatshark might not have the same idea/interests in mind is what I’m trying to say and Fatshark’s life as a company doesn’t seem to hinge on the success of Darktide and a big playerbase to buy cosmetics.

The last part is obviously just hearsay by me, but that’s how I feel about it, personally.