What's actually broken? Traits/Talents/Attributes?

[edit] I cannot claim all this information as my own, and am quoting people who have contributed so this list is only as comprehensive as it is because of their contributions.

I keep finding out bits of information here and there of snippets of things that don’t work properly. Recently for me it’s finding out that Off Balance might not work properly.

I’m trying out different builds but it’s all up the swanny river if I’m using things that don’t work. I’ll try and edit the first post with a list of things that are broken. Help me out here! I’d rather not be dragged into the whole business of “beam staff proc’s on first hit major problem it’s broken” And I want things that are actually not working as intended. I’ll update anything that has been confirmed fixed in patches as I simply don’t know where we’re at now.



  • Rechannel does nothing on Beam Staff and Bolt Staff.

  • Voracious Conjouring does nothing on Beam Staff and Bolt Staff.

  • Rechannel desn’t increase charge anim speed but I think it gets you to overcharge faster wtih Fireball

  • Tranquility passive breaks when you dodge a hook rat.

  • Ultimate ground effect does cause damage, but won’t show on your damage numbers as it is the same damage type as “barrels”.


  • Volcanic Body not working when playing as a client. Acknowledged

  • Unstable Strength only stacks up to 3, not five.

  • Dissipate doesn’t work as client.



  • Eternal Guard talent not working when playing as client.Acknowledged

  • DeathKNell doesn’t increase damage of critical headshots.

  • Witch hunt passive is the same as Off Balance trait and they don’t stack.


  • Leave None Behind talent not working.

  • Necessary means you can proc scrounger at will with your last shot.


  • Pleasure from Pain weirdly broken. Use special ability and shoot something and while still having the special ability and the target is still alive hit it with melee weapon.You now heal from every auto attack until the end of the game and you get twice the healing when you use the special ability.Ackowledged

  • unswerving strike does nothing. HEavy attacks can still be interrupted by damage.

  • No surrender not working as client.

  • Holy Crusader not working as client.

  • Fiery Faith grants 5% power for 25 health lost only works on base health unmodified by other things such as health trinkets/necklace.



  • Glory Hound only works as host.


  • Hunters Respite grants Temp HP instead of HP?

  • huntsmans passive and conservative shooter don’t work together and give the right amount of ammo on headshots.



  • Oi Wazzok Works on host, but not as client.

  • Rune Forged Recovers temp HP but description says HP, and this can also get triggers by FF.


  • Rangers Catch A Breath grants Temp HP instead of HP?

  • Survivalist ammo can push any players ammo over and above their usual maximum, up to one magazine’s worth of ammo extra.


  • Crunch! talent only increases stagger in the keep. No affect in mission either as Host or Client.



  • Arcane Bodkins works as host, not as client.

  • Ironfeather Flights only works as host.

  • Daughter of the Hunt talent does not increase the damage of crit headshots by 30% but doubles the difference between non-crit and crit damage.


  • Handmaiden’s lvl 25 talent “bladedancer” doesn’t seem to be working as client. As host, it does. With one chaos and infantry stack on charm, it kills marauders with one charge with 3 bleed ticks, each dealing 13,5 damage. Doesn’t kill marauders as client.

  • Ariels Benison passive doesn’t work.


You get 0.5 :shield: for every proc of healing (real & temp) as long as you are below 50% of your max :shield:. The amount of healing does not matter. [from any source]

So this effect is stronger If you get may procs.
This makes temp hp on kill an even better pick that the tool tip indicates and breaks pleasure from pain even more as you can do infinite pushes with it.

*off balance, Witch hunt, Crippling wounds and Make em bleed are the same debuff and don’t stack or refresh.


  • Barrage transfers it’s damage increase to melee hits as well? [intended?]

  • hunter transfers its bonuses to melee hits.[intended?]

  • Off Balance Not working as intended. Doesn’t stack with some characters debuffs (Slayer and HM?)
    *Off Balance increases the damage by 20% for five seconds instead of 50% for three seconds.

  • conservative Shooter doesn’t work for the first shot with a handgun, and this trait can stack randomly.

  • Conservative Shooter doesn’t work at all as Bardin?

  • resourceful Combatant and resourceful sharpshooter reduce cooldown by 2 seconds rather than 2%

  • heat sink doesn’t always work on armoured enemy body shots, even when crit does damage.


Currently playing as Shade using Bloodfletcher. It works as far as I’m seeing on enemies, not on training dummies.

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Can confirm, bloodfletcher is working properly, both host and client.

Thanks for putting this list together. I’ve honestly given up on messing with specific builds due to so much broken things, just playing for fun and will revisit serious efforts whenever all this gets patched.

What do you mean with “Pleasure from Pain”?

That it´s too strong?

Edited OP to describe the problem with Pleasure from Pain. Actually quite a big problem.

Removed Bloodfletcher from list.

Ahhh ok you meant that special exploit… i don´t use things like that, so thx for the info. Already forgot it. ^^

And well done with this list.

Good thread. Cant believe this stuff isnt fixed yet. Very disappointing.

Zealot- Unswerving Strikes does nothing, your heavy attacks can still be interrupted by damage, No Surrender! wasn’t working as client, dunno if it was fixed one of the latest patches, same issue had Holy Crusader tallent.

I’m not sure about the last two, need to test them as a client in modded realm, but the first one is broken since release.

P.S. Also BW ultie ground effect deals 0 dmg since release.

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Acknowledged by fat shark:

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OP Updated with new info by @Nilter and bugs acknowledged included, thanks @Haxorzist.

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Yes so does Hunter as well


Is there a reason to assume hunter and barrage shouldn’t transfer the buff over to melee? Doesn’t swift slaying also transfer its buff over to ranged? Seems like all these buffs are implemented consistently with one another.

Swift Slaying doesn’t display a buff when it happens (like barrage does) so it’s hard to be sure. I suppose it’s possible the bonus is transferable to whatever you happen to be using. Triggering a crit as melee and transferring the bonus to ranged might be hard to reproduce and see though although I suppose a WS with swiftbow might be able to reproduce it and see it. Everyone else will never spank ranged enough to actually see the bonus. Maybe fireball or bolt staff Sienna? If it’s intended then I’ll remove them from the list.

If it’s intended then I’ll remove them from the list.

How do you determine if something is intended or not? I think it is honestly currently perfectly reasonable to assume that the implementation works as intended. If you’re going to list items that “might not be intended”, but still work logically you’re going to end up with a bloated list of ambiguous bugs.

For example is it intended or not that the race power bonus stack multiplicatively with armor type power bonus, even though separate instances of these boni stack additively (ie. 10% chaos + 10% chaos = +20% chaos)? I mean it’s anyone’s guess, but there’s no reason to assume it’s not meant to be as it is.

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The obvious answer is for @Fatshark_Hedge to rock up and say “It’s supposed to be like that”.

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Ah there was it (still retested the 2s instead of 2% one)

Off Balance
Increases damage by 20% for 5 seconds, rather than 50% for 3 seconds. (fixed?)

Resourceful Combatant
Resourceful Sharpshooter
Reduces cooldown by 2 seconds, rather than 2%.

Rapier has Powerful Blocks (like a shield) as well as a Heavy Charged Attack and is missing both tooltips the alternative fire goes unmentioned. Sword and Dagger and Sienna’s Dagger have Weak Blocks on the other hand hidden as well.

While this is all cool information, I’m trying to really stick to Talents/Traits/ and attributes otherwise we’ll end up with a list ten miles long!

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