Thorn Staff target breaking - patch 4.6.4

The issue reported last patch of the thorn staff not targeting an enemy properly is still present. But now seems worse. Targeted and captured enemies, hearing the confirmation and watching the finger animation finish… and the red line just disappears and lets the enemy whack you unaffected.
Other occasions, one is left moving mouse frantically over targets trying to get a red outline to no avail.
Specials captured with staff are seemingly immortal still- or get 10000(lol) extra hp for being captured for some reason. Again shouldn’t they be more vulnerable in the swirling vortex of thorny greenness?
Staff overcharge reached before even one target is dead sometimes.

Thorns are flying through enemies with zero impact or sometimes just do no damage or stagger.

1 hit bug still happening- whereby a single hit from a clan rat can take 100% of Elf’s Hp, even sometimes just killing her instantly.
Sister’s health staying grey sometimes even when looking green (grey screen and death on down).

Bosses still hitting through block for full damage on Elf- basically instakill.

Phantom hits still happening.

Shade’s blur “perk” not triggering at all now. Please consider removing this and replacing with something useful.

Shade’s backstab bonus not applying to armour or specials sometimes.
And I know “use dual daggers! You should just use dual daggers! all the time!!” - don’t wanna! If you HAVE to use a single meta for it to work properly with no versatility, then it’s broken and/or not fun.

Further thoughts-
Since the thorn staff can only be used on Sister, maybe give the thorns blackvenom application or at least poison to be exploited via talent 2:2.

Shade should cause bleeding like Sienna sets things aflame in my opinion.

Ghost Javelins at least seem to have died down and are hitting targets again :slight_smile: I think that change to the camera thing fixed this. Can’t be sure though.

I have not encountered any, not even one, of these bugs in recent times O_O

Except monsters, specifically the troll, being able to hit through one blocking for full damage on any axe swing but that was fixed in the last patch we got.

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