What would need to happen for the game to see an Immortal Empires level of revovery?

Immortal Empires is the game mode released after Total War: Warhammer 3’s rough release.

What I mean by an “Immortal Empires level of recovery” isn’t just the game being fixed and fleshed out. Because while Darktide being fixed and fleshed out will be great for those of us playing, it is unlikely to rise to the level of Immortal Empires where the player base peaked at near release levels and the steam page got flooded with positive reviews bring it back to ‘mostly positive’ status.

I think for such a thing to happen, it boils down to either A. content. or B. a new game mode. or C. PvPvE

A. For content I think it would have to be pretty huge, such as the introduction of a new faction and would have to have a lot of work behind hyping it up. The content would also have to have a much stronger narrative element than what we have seen so far to be compelling. The faction could be many things, but gene stealers or orks seem most probable.

B. For new game mode it would make some amount of sense to have something like Chaos Wastes with its procedural levels, either on a space hulk or in a hive city as they make good locations for procedural generation. The procedural nature can also increase player retention. It could be fused with the regular game mode by making the procedural maps appear as missions on the regular mission board.

C. PvPvE. This may have the most potential for a huge recovery as a lot of people gave this game a pass due to it being PvE only. But its hard to know how good this could be as FS hasn’t released a PvPvE game mode before. They had a PvPvE in development for vermintide, but it never came out. In theory this game mode could be amazing in Darktide because Darktide has exceptional mechanical gameplay, and the traitor guard faction is really well suited to being playable.


I’m gonna say, Fat Shark should fix and flesh out the game (Obviously)… And then they should try to do all three of these things, they should do A, B, and C. They should do all of it.

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Not gonna happen I think. The founders already cashed out by selling their personally owned shares of the company. They literally don’t give a fock about anything except the money.

The question you should ask is what would need to happen for Tencent to bother forcing a turnaround as they own the majority of the company?


PvPvE wouldn’t make too much sense given the fact that all the rejects (players) are being used by the inquisition to save Atoma Prime. Hence why the reject needs to build up to level 30 to prove their worth.

However the Chaos Wastes mode would be an amazing idea for this game. Seeing how the missions could be shorter to fit the task at hand, you could effectively have a group of people complete a campaign of missions in order to get more emperor gifts. Could even make it so that you have an option to leave early if you want to end the campaign a bit quicker or if you want to continue working towards a lot of rewards for you to earn.

PvP? No. Never ever. The damage switching to a PvP game would do when they haven’t even delivered the coop game advertised? Adding PvP will never ‘fix’ a cooperative game, all PvP does is kill PvE games off.


Adding a PvPvE mode now would indeed be a horrible idea, the community would go thermonuclear lol.

But I don’t see any issue with adding it down the road once the game is in a good state. It would be more a matter of if the PvPvE is actually any good than anything, which I don’t know if Fatshark can deliver on.

You may be thinking of something like Halo or CoD when you say PvP, but I assume it would be more like the PvPvE in Left 4 Dead, the “Father” of this genre of cooperative game, which was developed with a popular and successful PvPvE mode that existed in perfect harmony alongside the purely PvE mode.

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Maybe. I’ve become pretty negative towards corpo shareholders owning creative companies over the last year. Creative companies really suffer under that system.

Any of those could potentially garner enough interest, but only if the base game has actually been finished and fleshed out beforehand, and only if those things actually launched in a complete state.

Sadly neither of these things are a guarantee but I sure can hope. This game is a lot of fun, it would hurt to see it die so quick and hard.

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Immortal Empires was terrible on release tho…

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Darktide is unsalvageable. It will take years for them to fix it.

Instead. I want Vermintide 3. Though they’ll probably screw that up as hard as they messed up Darktide. Though I can settle for an actual update for Vermintide 2. Also maybe release that fourth class for Witch that everyone has been waiting for, plus the second ice map; speaking of which, where is it, Fatshark? I know there’s a second part. It gets teased at when you compete the map. Something about a confrontation with Witch’s twin sister - I’m still waiting for it.

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Needs a full crafting system, needs a mission board overhaul. Needs more weapons and more content variety. It should be free to play in its current state.

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Certain light fixes:
Missing weapon
Missing units
More maps and stuff

Now for what would give a new breath of life/energy, it would be 3 possible things:
Additional mode (Flc, which we know are under plans), either Chaos Waste like or a Horde mode
New Factions (Flc), preferably with another Chaos Cult (Preferably a Slaanesh or Khorne cult to start)
New Archetype (Dlc)

All these would be more 1 or 2 year in the future

So I think the thing that need to be there would be the new classes and enemy to make people return and remiss their review

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It was supposed to drop after the darktide release. I believe the order they mentioned was DT < second map < siennas the career.

My guess is that it’ll be sometime in fall. Given the usual 6 months of radio silence for the console version.

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Won’t be no “No Man’s Sky” recovery of Darktide. Fatshark isn’t willing to commit.


Hot take, I’m assuming we’ll see a Darktide 2 before we see the game completely fixed because of how entrenched it is in mobile game mtx/rng structures that we see in ftp games. I think they’ll have to start over from scratch to make it an actual game because so far just about everything needs an overhaul.

The shop needs to be completely redesigned, or undertake heavy modification.
The mission select board needs to be redone or heavily adjusted
The crafting isn’t done but definitely seems like it’s not going in a great direction that’s giving players the agency to play how they want.

As said in one of the community udpates, the design intent is to “silo” each character - which is awful. So to fix it they’ll have to go against their design intent, which means either starting from scratch, or invest a significant amount of time in changing their design intent and applying that to the game. Considering some of the choices and decisions management has made so far, I wouldn’t be surprised at all if they decide making a sequel to try and shove the 46% rating of Darktide under the rug. At this rate with the work that’s required to fix this, they may as well make an entirely new game.

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Still kinda is, and their last state of the game speech was a long winded way of them saying “Sorry, we don’t know what we’re doing, but we’ll keep working on it!”

may be true, but who will buy dt2 anyway


Things to add that would put the game in a much better place for me:

All maps available can be played at any difficulty
Emperor’s reward is a guarantee
Solo play available
Obviously full crafting
Fixed server side input issues and shots passing harmlessly through enemies
Shared inventory
Improved shop with better inventory and rerolls
Locations where enemies spawn on top of you fixed
Specialists randomly gaining stagger immunity fixed
Psyker slightly tweaked/buffed (at least dimming the absurdly loud peril noise)
At least next four classes are free of charge to make up to the players


It’s not just that. This developer hates us both as a fan and as a customer. They’ve made that abundantly clear now. My reasoning for this? Consider this:

  • They made an unpopular change to dodge that irritated the greater Darktide community.
  • They made a global modifier of an enemy in which everyone despised - this has yet to be changed, by the way, suffice to say I’m not at all amused by the trolling on the developer’s end; it shows a complete lack of professionalism and disdain towards the community.
  • They went on a national media platform proclaiming how well received the game is; thus completely downplaying everyone’s grievances while at the same time lying about the state of Darktide.
  • They’ve avoided candid communication with the community, refusing to engage in diplomatic talks about the game, thus facilitating more anger and despair on the community’s end.
  • They lied about features.
  • The design of Darktide was made to specifically spite Vermintide players.
  • Penances are toxic towards jolly cooperation.
  • Finally, they’d constantly tease upcoming updates then go silent without first notifying the community they’ll be on vacation.

Now my question to everyone who’s still defending this developer, why?


Hate seems hyperbolic, and with how hyperbolic this community can get over FS trying new things, I get the lack of communication.

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What we need is more competitivity in this genre with good melee combat and ranged. And send FS to F. theirselves. The only reason we are here is because they have no real competitor and Warhammer lore.

I can send warhammer lore to the rubbish if I find a medieval horror gore game with good melee combat mechanics and all the stuff that make a good amazing which here, in F.S., are lazy to do.