V1 Remaster?

Is there any chance of a V1 remaster in the future?

I would personally love for it to make a comeback with updated graphics, a new color scheme outfit for the heroes (much like the red outfits), and new features and/or weapon upgrades.

V1 had amazing DLCs like Karak Azgaraz that would look 10x more beautiful if it had same graphics as the V2 game.

I would buy it.

Doubt it would come any time soon. V1 isn’t that old yet, and it still holds up decently in terms of graphics. I think there’d be a possibly of it like 10 years later.

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Age has nothing to do with it as there have been games that were remastered only 2 years after release (i.e. Darksiders II).

And it doesn’t with the ever changing technology in monitors. V1 on my computer looks grainy and washed out. Still a good looking game but can look look better if improved.

Besides, remastered games takes less resources and less time to make and can be outsourced fairly cheap. The nostalgia trend is still going strong and could not only give Fatshark a new revenue source but could also bring new life to the game.

There’s less than 80 people playing V1 at any given time and it makes it hard to find matches without suffering 300+ ping.

All I was asking if Fatshark plans on remastering V1 in the future. It would be a win-win for everyone.

v1 needs to be integrated into v2


I could get behind that. I would really like to see Karak Azgaraz to make a return.

My only concern would be how Fatshark will change them. I didn’t like how they changed Castle Drac maps so I don’t play them. Those maps looked better in the original.

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I’m not sure I would expect a remaster any time soon. Right now they’re working on a multitude of projects and taking manpower away from that would be a bit counter-intuitive to what they’re trying to do right now. They’re working on Dark Tide, Vermintide 2 content, and they’ve also got their hands in other projects I assume (like publishing). While it may be cool to see Vermintide 1 remastered, I think they’d rather take Vermintide 2 as far as they can go and work on these other projects.

Rather than remastering, Fatshark would likely just integrate the more desirable maps from the first game into the second, like they’ve done so far. The “Back to Ubersreik” maps were all just remastered versions of the originals, but Drachenfels maps were remade (honestly they’re so different they’re less “remakes” and more-so just new maps). I like both, but am definitely in favor of remaking the maps or having new maps. It’s probably a lot funner for the creative teams too, rather than being instructed to just remake things exactly the same.

I think the town portion of Old Haunts that you go through at the beginning of the level is in my top 5 favorite areas in the entire game. It’s beautiful, there is a lot of parkour you can do, secrets, multiple ways to approach the area, and all that jazz.


Agreed @OenKrad

I love their “remakes”, thats basically repurposing part of the old maps while pushing the story forward, if they were lazy they’d just copy paste that and call it a day.

I also hope they keep making new maps instead, not that i don’t appreciate all the remakes, but v2 is its own thing, you can still play vermintide 1 if you feel nostalgic, this is creating a bad precedent, imagine one day they make vermintide 3, will people keep asking them to port over all v2 maps?


Getting all the v1 maps in v2 would be super nice.

Sure its even better to get completely new maps but getting some v1 maps from time to time wouldn’t hurt I guess.
This game really needs a bigger map pool… I love the maps we got and I’m still into playing them but more variety wouldn’t be bad imo

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I would like Karak Azgaraz to be ported as is because those maps are already so beautifully made and the end events were unique compared to the other maps.

It also would be nice if Fatshark added things to collect in the maps and some new challenges of course.


And I am here waiting for some crazy events like the one on river reik. :smiley:

As much as I loved all three of those maps I think I would still prefer something new(ish).

What my dream would be for Azgaraz remake is a map for Chaos Wastes or the season leading to it, where U5 ventures through the Khazid Kro to get to the ole’ underway. Pehaps to gain access to some steam dwarven train (no idea how lore accurate this is) that would take them to the chaos wastes, leading to a crazy event on that thing. :stuck_out_tongue:
I know this won’t happen but a man can dream.


In my wildest dreams : V1 & V2 would fuse, becoming the Vermintide experience, and propose all the maps from the 1 remade in the second form but with the 1st story and the 2nd story linked.

It’s too bad they aren’t the size of Valve and converting the maps isn’t very easy. I remember how awesome it was when L4D2 got all the first games’ maps.

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