Drachenfels and Karak Azgaraz

Would it be possible to have the maps of Drachenfels and Karak Azgaraz remastered and with a new secret map of Last Stand each? Because that would make me very happy <3 Adding new weapons to melee or range.

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I would say it is possible but highly unlikely with the best bet that the moding community eventually figures out how to do it. The remastered recent maps already have some pretty mixed feedback but even then, it would be adding more of the same. one of the more common feedback was the recent maps were nice to revisit but lost there appeal pretty quickly since a large portion of the community already played the maps plenty of times in the first game. I think FS is looking more for adding new maps with more unique design. I for one would like to so more of the map altering, weather changing effects in the last set of DLC of the first game.

As far as more weapons goes, I would expect those to trickle in with the new content. I would say they are starting to reach the limits in weapon uniqueness but the community has provided a pretty decent amount of suggestions that I for one would like to see many of them added.

If they try to sell remasters for the same price as new maps I must say no to any of them.

Having not played VT1, I’d love to see these maps. Though, I imagine it would receive a mixed reception from people who played the first game and want something new. So, whereas I would welcome the opportunity to play Drachenfels and Karak Azgaraz in VT2, I think it would be better to get new maps. Though, I hope they revisit these old maps somewhere down the line.

The dwarven maps in v1 are still my favorite, but I still dont really want remasters, just do new awesome dwarven maps.

I’d love to see Castle Drachenfels again, it’s one of the most atmospheric maps in the first game, but I would prefer to see new maps.

I suppose if they did a map pack with just DLC maps from the first game, I’d want to see Castle Drachenfels, Khazid Kro, and The Courier - I know it wasn’t that popular with most, but I loved it. Just add the missing books, maybe a mid-map event.

Honestly not sure why every map even needs to have books.
I wonder, though: Would it be possible to have a map like wizards tower, but with local gravity like in Prey?

Nice idea, I hope you will add new maps and will be the most happy person one this forum.

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