What Video Game change on the TT

Since the Old World return can surely be linked to the popularity of Total Wars Warhammer 1/2, could Vermintide and Darktide be able to change the future of the TT release (More Guards release)

I am not that familiar with Tabletop.
Total War Warhammer was the first experience I had with the Warhammer Fantasy World.
Shortly after I started to enjoy Vermintide.
I was quite saddened to read that the World I fell in love with actually truly was destroyed, so soon after I discovered it.

Age of Sigmar wasn’t just a story decision.
Apparently they wanted to simplify the rules of the TT a lot to make it more approachable.
The races were renamed (for example Dwarves are now called Duradin) so they could trademark them. A lot more reasons which you can look up.
So seemingly there were stuck on the Old World and Age of Sigmar was their restart from a clean slate.

Now to actually answer your question (sorry):
So you mean if our heroes from Vermintide will actually be acknowledged as official “canon”? And be implemented in the Tabletop?
I personally don’t think so.
I would certainly hope so.

For giggles:
They would have to implement Cousin Okri and that would be so op that the lore would get completely broken.

What’s the phrase? “Throw it at the wall and see what sticks”.

The success of anything even non Warhammer related has the ability to affect TT. AoS was probably a likely response to seeing other high fantasy properties do well and think on what that can do for the game. I agree that something that offers more variety and options at least from a gameplay standpoint makes sense to me. The strength (from my view) of the old world is one of narrative, lore and atmosphere. For all its percieved heightened diversity it comes at the cost of the more unique aesthetic of the Old World. Also crazy powerful magic is more impressive when for scale lots of less powerful units are thrown in to fight it. If everything is crazy nuts outlandish, nothing is. There’s also a tendency for either nostalgia or preference on the familiar. But this is all perhaps a bit off topic.

I think its a pretty easy call to say yes on this one but probably to a much lesser degree. For one these games focus on a more intimate and smaller focus. TT focuses on large scale battles between units and TWH is in a position to really build off and with its strengths possibly influence the TT scene. I’m also just guessing here but the “Tide” series of games I don’t think is as popular as TWH. Settings, narrative nods and perhaps some stuff added to the TT is possible. The odds of that also increase with the success of the game. If its moderately successful then you’d see maybe some nods or miniatures. If its really successful maybe more.

The biggest contribution is going to be feedback on the interest in the setting. If the game brings in new fans, those fans go to GW and say hey what ya’ll got if I like this. And so with TWH, they say “Hey we really like this why is AoS what I’m being offered?”. But this is all pure speculation since I’m not a huge follower of the TT. So take any of my points as suspect at best.

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