Vermintide, Total War Warhammer mashup?

Vermintide, Total War Warhammer mashup with a little of the old Warhammer games sprinkled in, would be awesome. Have it so you pick a race and a hero, or create one, then start from lvl one and build your hero up with gear from fights or research. Then on the way way build your army, and your bases, outposts, castles and such. Have like raid battles for loot and supplies. Have it so you can only control your hero but you can give orders to your army, like position and such, the army is AI mostly. Wars fought with you hero should not be easy, it be could be easier taking on lower lvl opponents. Have it so you can customize you bases, so other opponents would not know what is in store for them if they try to raid or take over.

So pretty much an open-world Warhammer Fantasy RPG, this time with strategy elements thrown in. Ideas like this have been thrown out before, but that mostly just tells that there is at least some demand for this kind of game.

Personally, I’d gladly try out a (single-player or small group co-op, not MMO) RPG, but unless the strategy elements were voluntary (at least mostly so) and/or fully turn-based, I’d probably skip a game with them. They would need to be moderately simple, too, really, as not that many people are fans of both genres.

Then again, your suggestions about the strategy elements sound suspiciously like a huge amount of (apparently popular) mobile games, which I have a strong dislike for…

I still wish there was a modern, open-world (like WoW) warhammer MMO but using GW2-style action combat and lifelike mounts. And massive battlegrounds with Steam Tanks and all. That’d be grand.

I don’t expect it’ll ever happen however. It’d be extremely expensive to do the entire world from Naggaroth to Cathay. And race, career and mount balance would be a nightmare for the developers.

After Mythic’s fail with Warhammer Online nobody tried to create Warhammer MMORPG, and I think that 2 of the 40K MMORPGS were failures as well. I mean, there’s the unofficial Warhammer server, and they are really trying, but we are talking about the game engine that’s 11 years old.

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