What the GK challenges to get new cosmetics are - really good!

I just wanted to quickly note I really like the design of the GK challenges to unlock weapon and armor cosmetics. Making you do a cool feat based on the specific weapon to unlock a look, that’s really cool! No boring “just spend time” or do something trivial, but instead a skill based action you need to actively pursue. I love it; much more engaging. I really hope this is how challenge cosmetics will be distributed in the future as well. Great job design team!


I agree and it also was the first thing I noted in these challenges.
These were recommendations I’ve seen some time ago here on this forum, and am really happy they took into account since even then I found them interesting.


It’s an ‘experience’ rather than buy and forget.

I’d even like it if they did full on events around the new Careers coming.


I can’t say I fully agree. One challenge you basically just play recruit. Another challenge you have to play a specific map and hope for the right duties. Another challenge is worded so poorly that most people didn’t understand and ended up only being solo-able on a certain lord. Another challenge doesn’t even work from what I’ve heard, etc. While I like the idea of the challenges, I think they weren’t implemented very well because people are likely gonna try to do them solo with bots (since trying to QP as kruber now ends up in your own game anyway) and you as the player don’t have much control over the completion of those challenges (bots completing duties at the wrong time or stealing aggro from the boss and players will do the same thing even when told otherwise).

I also like them and had fun completing them. I had to do them all solo because everyone was playing GK, which was fine. I just hope FS stay away from “do X in y sec” challenges for the career DLCs because if you require some degree of team coordination bots will be useless and it will get frustrating for solo players. These type of timed challenges are fine for maps but not careers.

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