So about the 4th Career Challenges

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So since the SotT has been released on Xbox (last Wednesday) I already finished her Challenges and i have to say: It was underwhelming doing them. You only get coins and Frames which are lower Tiers (!) than the one you get instantly after buying her (the animated one). The challenges itself were fine, could have been a bit harder/more time consuming.

I also hate how the challenges differ from one career to another. Markus needed 100 wins, Kerillian and Bardin 25. Markus challenges were specific and had a twist to it, Bardins were hard (even harder before) and time consuming with the 1000 headshots and bomb kills. Kerillians were most of the time easy with the only “hard” one being the one where you have to stagger two disablers with one usage of the ult.

I like the new careers alot and i also like to support Fatshark, but please be a bit more consistent with the challenges and let me unlock some costumes/illusions/frames by myself… if i get everything after buying the career it takes away the fun and the replay ability.

Those are my opinions, ofc everyone can disagree with it but please be kind with me! :+1:


It’s just that people like to whine about the challenges - they kinda want to do them, because they feel like they need to do them, but then they don’t want to do them at the same time. That leads to poor Steam review, and there you have it :joy:


Oh it’s about the reviews? I kinda thought about that already, since people like to whine nowadays if there is a challenge to be done… It is a shame but well now i can understand Fatshark and why they did it like that with the SotT! Thanks for the reply.

I’m with you 100% there. I also like being actually rewarded by the challenges and the cosmetics pack just enableing the challenges instead of giving you the stuff outright.

But I think that’s a compromise with the “I’VE PAID FOR IT I WANT IT NOW!!!”-faction we have to accept.
All in all i like the challenges and I think they should always have something to do with the skillset of the career and showing the different ways on how to use the weapons/skills. Kinda like a soft tutorial or at least a showcase on what can be done with the tools of each career.

I also like the 100 games/career. If you really want to test the skills/weapons combos you need 100 games at least anyway…

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Well it’s just my conjecture - FS trying to be polite to the playerbase so they can get as much sales as they can, cuz they are a business after all. Not like they care about what those challenges actually are themselves (hint - this is the actual issue) :sweat_smile:

Also, this thread: Has anyone at fatshark ever considered an achievement DLC?


That would have been a nice idea (for me atleast), but i think it would have sold quite less since yeah… you already know why

Hahaha well i 100% agree on this one! Lets see what Saltz and Sienna will have coming with them. Hopefully they make the Challenge more rewarding, those few coins are quite not interesting if you already played alot and have almost everything cosmeticwise

I agree, the challenges fitting the career and its skills and talents is the most important thing, so at least you get to see all the different ways to play it. That “I Paid it i want it now” is just the new mindset of the playerbase in like every game i guess… I mean i payed for WoM and can’t get further than ranked weave 26 since i have no players and i also don’t really care about it… i just might be different lol. I’m saying this because compared to the price tags of the careers and other things they should be happy… having a 4th career for 8€ is quite a good pricetag considering how much time you’ll gonna invest and some challenges will complete itself after playing a bit whereas with WoM you can’t really play and play and get things that easily. Seems to be a bad comparison but i guess you get the point.

I like how they made the dlc. I don’t care about any of the challenges in the game, most of the ones that i compleated it was because of random occurrance, i don’t mind locking some cool cosmetic if it is in the base game but if i buy a cosmetic dlc i expect to get the cosmetic that i paid for it. Elf dlc is the best for both type of players because you get the cool cosmetics and you have the challenges for shilling for those who wants to bother with it.