Can we take a moment

… to appreciate the amazing inspection animations on ALL weapons. Finally, I can check out my Fire Flail and no longer see just a chain.

Also, thank you for reducing Engineer challenge for games played to 25 instead of the usual 100!!

Also, I seem to remember that “Send in the next Wave” Deed modifier did not work before. It does now (seems to be missing in the Patch notes).

Also, nice relocation of Kruber’s hut on the middle level. Haven’t found Victor’s room so far O.o

EDIT: Also, the new kill feed seems to be missing in the Patch notes as well. Shame on whoever wrote these :stuck_out_tongue:


Overall good, but I’m disappointed with this 25 vs 100 inconsistency.

I wish they would change it for everyone now so I would be done already :frowning:

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For a paid career I’d say it makes sense to have the requirement lowered just because you “purchased” the rights to even complete the challenge in the first place for cosmetics.Base careers?Perhaps not

GK was 100 games too though… Idk why the discrepancy. 100 games is long tbf, but it feels like 25 games isn’t much of an achievement.


I’d guess it’s due to them already committing to the idea and can’t go back to change it without ‘angering’ those that did 100 games for him

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Tbh 50 would not be so bad.

Also, if Fatshark changed that requirement to 50 today then I will be done with all my hero challenges :smiley:


Thank you Fatshark for such great changes :heart:

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It’s a challenge. And a learning exercise… I thought I would never like a few careers, but each time I was done with the 100 missions, I was reluctant to switch to another career. They grew on me.

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Yea, I felt that way as well. Got me off WS for a bit and I had a lot of fun on all of Salty classes, didn’t think I would enjoy him. I think I just have IB, Huntsman, Pyro and UC left. Really don’t like any of those classes even after doing ~50 games on each. So I wouldn’t mind if they lowered. Might go back to them one day :joy:

100 is too much. Especially for newly released careers. I was so fed up with some careers that I never touched them again after doing the 100 Legend games.

I will most likely never touch again BW, BH, Zealot or Pyromancer because they are so dull and idiotic to play and I suffered through 100 games with each of them. I may go back to more interesting classes like Huntsman or RV at one point.

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I don’t think I would have played more than the bare minimum with most careers if it hadn’t been for these challenges, but who knows… While I do find some careers more interesting based on my own preferences, e.g. I find the IB the most boring one if I play him in the optimal way, there is great satisfaction in finding out how they work in practice - and it is useful to know what you can expect from them when you have them in your team.

Each career offers something special that makes me not wanting to leave it, be it the insane kill of the volcanic bolt, Shade’s backstab or Kruber’s crowd control and push power.


Victor’s room is where it used to be, you can only access it from the old forge location though.

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Yea, thanks. I did find it after a while. I tend to forget the back-entrance.

Fair enough.

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