FS please talk to us. Anything about whats going on

Since you took down the roadmap, which is a very bad thing because it is open to alot of bad interpretation, and alot of people being unhappy with the things that have been given priority in the latest patch over green dust and general balance, a statement would be really great.
Closely watching http://steamcharts.com/app/552500, there has been no increase in players since the beta has been released, meaning that most of the people who shelved v2 for now dont care for the things the latest patch brought to us.

Its very great things, I love the new voicelines. But to me, it feels like you are trying to polish the game before cutting it into shape.

So please FS, talk to us. Alot of us are worried about the game dying already.


Better brace for a 22gb patch of things that didn’t need fixing while 90% of weapons and half the careers are barely playable.


The only barely playable career was Unchained and it got fixed in the patch. Wut.


Lol, so dramatic. Meanwhile I’m over here happily playing all of them, sure there’s things that need tweaking but you people and your “OMG BARELY PLAYABLE” nonsense are just ridiculous.


90% lol what…
Sure some weapons are not as easy to use as others, but in my experience you can use almost any damn weapon you want through Champion. With my fairly limited Legend experience, it does seem weapon choices for this difficulty are a bit more limited as you really want to bring something with AP.

A bit more news and updates about whats in the works would certainly be welcome.


On Legend, you need AP because of the vast amount of armoured units you’ll be facing, making some weapons flat out terrible unfortunately.

Well, cleave with decent armor penetration anyway.

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Unchained was the most OP career in the game, that required some skill to use. Now it’s a no-brain killing machine.

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What stops me from enjoying unchained is the lack of a good melee weapon on her. Sienna has -decent- melee weapons, thats true, but none of them really work for me on unchained, the melee focused class. Id love to see a unique weapon which only that career can use, in the style of fire whip or claws.

Use mace. That is the only decent one, imho. i would even call it good. It’s marginally weaker than regular mace, but it can set things on fire!

Lol, amazing argument. Much wow.

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Hopefully this is sarcasm because Unchained is probably one of the best designed careers in the game. The truth is the exact opposite, though it does require a certain amount of experience, skill and game knowledge.

Pro tip: In no way is Unchained a pure melee career.

Is there something wrong with playing Champion? (and btw if you weren’t new to the forums, you’d know he plays Legend). Get out of here with your mommy issues.

You know nothing.


Well then you should have specified you were speaking of Legend.
Also, since when is other difficulties input invalid?

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1.0.8 did nothing but break more things than it fixed.


This isn’t wrong. Legend is the equivalent of Nightmare in V1 and Champion is the equivalent of Hard. You have to be really blood-crazed aggressive and unlucky to get dicked in champ here (Not that there’s anything intrinsically wrong with that).

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You insulted him, simply speculating he plays champion without actually knowing.

Then you call people who call you out on your blatantly wrong statement that ‘90% of the weapons are nonviable’ apologists regarding bugs, mods support and things that are not actually being discussed rn instead of continuing the argument at hand, namely viability of certain careers and weapons.

Nice straw man, though. Very nice.

Yet another quality post by a quality member of the gaming community.


Still beats the quality of the steaming pile we were served by fatshark :slight_smile:

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If you dislike it that much, feel free to stop playing :slight_smile:


Actually, a whip would be bloody awesome! Maybe a fiery chain like Ghost Rider?

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I believe he was pointing out the absurdity of the post before his.

It isn’t, however, people with massive insecurities try to invalidate other people’s opinions like this to make themselves -feel- superior. To be fair though, it can be a little unproductive if a recruit player is trying to suggest changes to things that are legendary specific. [I mean in general, not this case here].

@chesnok mate, I understand you were being hyperbolic, but you have to understand that if you truly want to change this game for the good [which I assume you do because you are on these forums and seem frustrated by FS’s choices, i.e. you DO care about this game], then you should try to put forward your thoughts in a less confrontational way. Not everyone may agree with you which is fine, but as soon as shite starts flying you invalidate your own point.

Just my 2cents. I, too, am bloody frustrated [WHY THE **** ARE THE TALENT TREES SO BORING], but I put emotions on a leash, and keep myself open to others opinions when discussing a topic.


Yea. had a feeling. My bad then.

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