The balance patch is REALLY needed

Ok, maybe it has to do more with the playerbase then with the game it self, but i have been kicked from three different matches in the span of two hours just because i was using a weapon considered “weak” or “ineffective”. More specifically, the sword and shield/mace and shield weapons for Kruber. This goes to show, how badly some weapons are percived by the community, to the point of calling “troll” a player that uses them.


Sounds like you joined a lobby with some really crap people. I wouldn’t say the balance patch is going to fix that, there are still going to be meta choices, but it did level the playing field a bit so far.


Yeah, maybe, but three differet matches with three different groups in less then two hours. It almost forces you to play a certain playstyle

Are you playing Legend? That’s really strange… I’ve got almost 1000 hours in the game, and I’ve never come across anyone in a legend game that has told me what weapons or skills to use. A few have suggested that I try different things, but that’s about it.


Yeah man, been playing legend for quite sometime. Not everyone kicks you, but most will find a way to let you know that your setup is “bad”. I guess i just found the shi*ty elements of the community

I’ve been kicked about 3 times in my entire play history of over 800 hours, usually by new players who have no idea what they are doing… It’s quite upsetting, is frustrating and lowers my opinion of players in general… but taken objectively 3 times in 800 hours is a very low rate.

I’m surprised it happened to you, good players can use any gear and run successfully, other good players know this, those who don’t are not likely to complete the run successfully anyway, and your best off out of the group.

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Don’t know man, i had this happen in the past, but today it has been particularly depressing lol. One of the group before kicking me called me a “troll” so i guess they thought i was trying to "sabotage"their run or whatever. But i’ve played around 6 matches since then with the same setup and no one kicked me, so i guess i just ran into some a*sholes :confused: .

Don’t take it personally would be my advice, which I admit is easy to give hard to follow.

I have never and will never kick a player for their gear selection, career choice, or talent build. I like playing with the different group dynamics that cones with unusual characters, careers and builds it helps keep the game interesting.


Sadly trolls have become common sight in pub games, ass well as arseweasels who are only in the beta to abuse obviously OP tools to exploit them for loot.

My advice is to not take it to heart - there are still lots of friendly people playing. If you’re really unlucky, go have some fun with the Bots - they’re surprisingly good allies once you figure out how to work with them :smiley:


The other bit would be if you play with players and have fun invite them to your steam friends list , you can very easily see players from recent games using the steam overlay and send them a friend request.

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That sucks. I have never kicked someone because of the gear they choose.

Had to kick someone this weekend. First time in awhile.
Guy was using NB and was sucking up every single heal.
I kid you not. Me and my mate were carrying grims, low health, get to the final part of hunger with the last heals.
He immediately pops a pot. We get a horde. Finish that up. Me and my mate go to heal…one med pack remains.
He sucked down more heals during the horde.
The guy must have used 75% of the heals throughout the map.


I have been thinking about balance in the different heroes and careers. Because there has been going a Kerillian discussion around.

I was going to reply, that in this kind of team effort (vs. AI) game, I am not much troubled by balance ‘issues’. I was going to say, that being a fan of Sienna and Kruber, I am always happy to have that fast dancing Elf around, that I would grant her top of kills and all and am just thankful for a strong sister of arms at my side. I was going to say, that I don’t ask for perfect balance in all the characters and in contrary welcome them having different impact (thus asking for better teamplay all around).

But, following the issue of OP, weapons are a different thing, somehow, I feel. There are weapons you just don’t use.

I am no power gamer, but I would find a Kruber with just shield and sword at my side (very good looking but) a waste of space, considering his missing impact on armored or shielded mobs. I am sure there are more examples of weapons you just don’t use. Or is it just a matter of the right tactics?

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Ye, it’s a shame, i would love to use different setups, but on higher difficulties you are kinda forced to play a certain playstyle, either by the game (little armor penetration or cleave on a bunch of weapons) or by players themselves apperently

For pub games…absolutely. You never know what you’re going to get so you have to equip yourself as a “jack of all trades.”

For premade groups(where this game really shines IMHO) you can outfit the group/careers based on roles/needs.


I agree with you.
I want to give a shout to the dev’s about how unuseful shields have become. And I really hope they read this.
As a crowd controller you would want your team to sort of stay behind the shield, or at least give them stagger/pushback help. less damage taken, and tank. This does not work though the other players that want kills just jumps in and kill everything. the shooters stay behind you, but fire every bullet/arrows in your head. Secondly, the shields are too slow, weapon is too weak, bash does not stagger enough and push doent push enough enemies.
Try play with this, and if you meet a shield vermin and a few berserkers, you kinda screwd till you get help or you will fight them forever. another weapon would kill them easily. And the insane movement penalty when using the weapon is just really annoying thing to keep up with. totally remove the worth of the shields.
MY suggestion to make shields somewhat useful is to remove alot of movement penalty, make push stronger and bash to hit more targets. then it have some use of being a crowd controller.


I’d also be fine if they made the shield weapons for Kroobs similar to Bardin’s axe and shield. Meaning a weapon that’s extremely good on single targets with loads of AP, with a strong shield bash to control hordes

I only play legend, unless I’m helping a friend level or something.

Addressing both of these comments, There is not a weapon combo that I won’t try or use, they can all work. There are certainly some weapons and combinations that are better than others, and there are some I struggle to use well, but I can’t see my self ever really caring about someone else’s weapon load out in a legend game.


That’s great but some other people apperently do, lol.

No they can’t unfortunately, or at least not to the point of choosing them instead of others. Some weapons are just deeply underpowered and useless compered to others. At least for now, that’s why im desperately waiting for the balance patch

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That’s good to hear. Really. You are saying EVERY combo has ist use(s). Probably depending on how you play them out …

I believe that. But, I remember someone shouting at the Bardin player in a game: “Hey, Dwarf, your pistols are sh*t!” so, not everybody believes : )

Makes sense. I think. That premade makes a difference. I only play randoms and only once had somebody to ask for rolls (“you are our healer, you will be our sharpshooter, …”).

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They might not be optimal but a player who wants to skill up in them will, It’s not bad weapon selection that ends runs, its a lack of situational awareness, and not using the map terrain suitably.

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