What texture compression are you using? Does it stay compressed in memory like Directdraw surface textures?

I noticed that your game seems to be struggling in performance when increasing the quality settings.
Have you tried some Microsoft directdraw surfaces texture compression or another texture compression format that remains compressed in memory and can be copied into memory faster and take up less VRAM. You may cringe at the word compression or lossy compression on your high quality textures, but in almost all cases you can set the compression levels and quality levels such as quality 89 or quality 96 or 98 where the untrained eye may not notice any difference if any but the game may become faster/better? well just curious as to what texture compression method you are using and did you do the latest normal mapping (3d bump mapping) of all your textures before packing them?
If you are running on modern consoles like the playstation 3 they support many different texture formats and many of them are vastly superior to some that forums and developers seem to use? I would not go with ones nvidia recommends or maybe not use the texture compression tools in the 3d applications, try changing 3d software from triangles to quadratic and lowering the poly count a little in a software limit and using third party texture compression apps/tools rather than the ones built into 3d software which maybe nvidia owns a shares in. I say this as an owner of an AMD graphics card. I’ve not tested things out fully myself but it seems games like the witcher 3 are “cooked” packed with some super slow laggy compression that takes forever to unpack and maybe needs to be unpacked multiple times and is a headache to mod. Since your game supports mods maybe don’t pack it up like witcher 3 simply use video and texture compression or proprietary video codecs like HEVC and then it’ll take less space and be HQ and since people are supposed to be able to mod the game what do you care if its a few % larger file size and runs lightning quick instead of taking 2 minutes to load each level?

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For many it’s completely the opposite. Now that I got the CPU side of my PC running fine-ish, I can turn the gfx settings up or down or sideways and the results is closely the same. Sun shadows is the single largest performance eater for me, but apart from that I see more stable or higher FPS only if I get more out of my CPU in one way or another.

Btw, an odd post but fun to read anyway. The headaches to modding are not in the texture formats.