What simple, minor, even funny & vain annoyances do you have?

Per topic. Not a serious topic mind! We’ve had plenty of threads about serious and comprehensive balance & gameplay fixes, with constructive and well thought out ideas for solutions. This isn’t about those.

This is about the little things. Important things perhaps, but the main thing is they’re small, personally annoying to you, and maybe even funny for some. :sweat_smile: Also dw about how challenging or realistic it would be to fix them, we’re not here to let pesky little things like that get in our way. And try to maintain a positive spirit with a sense of self irony if you can!

For example for me:

  • The game really should remember your difficulty selection, like the Mission Terminal’s Auric/not, or Psykhanium in general
  • Speaking of memory, you know that short-term temporary amnesia your character gets when you just made a new talent build, went to check on your equipment, then went back to the talents and they’re like “what talents”? That one. (I know it does actually save the changes, just click another build & back or close inventory & back and it’s fixed, still always makes me gasp and then sigh in relief though)
  • Tagging resources & picking them up shouldn’t require competitive PvP levels of pixel perfect accuracy. I’m sure if I’m staring at a lone medkit within range and clicking to pick it up or tag it, it’s not that difficult to deduce what it is I’m trying to accomplish. I’ve spent so much time trying to headshot a plasteel for 5x or more that sometimes I just leave it there if the 1 click doesn’t take (sorry, I don’t want to, but my mental health and peace of mind demands it :sweat_smile:)
  • For that matter, tagging voice lines should always be a priority over random yammering & chatter. I really do appreciate the importance of the 250:th time my zelly is griping about a random sermon for 10s+ (I do!). But I just think maybe, maybe there’s a chance that the tag I’ve been spamming for those 10s to get through about instructions for safety, or that there’s a health station my half dead teammate missed but really needs, could mayyyyyyybe be more important? Perhaps? I mean who knows, maybe they’re a zelly too and would gladly take one for the Emperor rather than interrupt a tantrum about a sermon. I could be wrong here.
  • Zelly’s throwing knives really should equip the last weapon, not melee every time. I can appreciate the zeal here but we do bring those guns with us for a reason.
  • While I love the homage to Kung Fu Panda, I’d really love it more if stairs were not actually our arch nemesis. That said, the irony of the fact that it’s specifically the space wizards who get stuck in them for no reason (and literally all the time), isn’t lost on me. That Trauma - their strongest staff - likewise struggles with stairs definitely makes for some peak comedy. I imagine the psyker libraries are filled with guides, statistics and obituaries warning the aspiring psykers about the many dangers of stairs, and to never fight near them.
  • Oggies have a similar problem to psykers. I can sort of understand the small humans sometimes getting stuck and failing to move or dodge on account of random pebbles. But there’s something special about a huge lumbering giant being unable to move at all because the corner of that random flooring panel they’re standing on is off by 1cm.
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Maybe it’s just a unique balance mechanic :sweat_smile:

  • +High damage
  • +High CC
  • -Reduced effectiveness against stairs (but not all stairs)

It takes 5 tries to use a stimm on teammate


When poxbursters run at you specifically, but don’t set off their trigger and just slump over when pushed.

  • Any serious discussion between the characters. It’s just so random. You’d chat quietly over a drink back on the mourningstar, not clutter up chat in a 30 minute high intensity mission. I don’t care about the Maledictum whatever it is right now…!

  • Sliding up stairs. Sliding in general. I get it’s meant to offer some additional movement mechanics, but … sliding?!

  • Prime an underhand grenade, click 3 or 4 times to throw the blasted thing.

  • I run three times a fast holding a knife than my flamethrower. Why? When I sling it on my back is it magically weightless? I know, I know - same argument as sliding.

  • Stimms. Stop putting that crap in my body. It should surely be illegal to stab me with a syringe.

  • Crusher clubs. How does that not snap in half when they swing it upright? How do they not club the 6 other crushers behind them? Why does my Ogryn have a bit of plumbing to hit things with?

  • Me BIG OGRYN but I have tiny little legs and can’t possibly jump over that KNEE HIGH railing. Nope. Nope, try again. Ahh, there’s the right spot. Getting stuck on railings as an Ogryn is a pet peeve.

And other stories…

  • Tagging stuff again does frequently not play a voiceline if it’s already tagged, so after it didn’t play the first time because something else had higher priority, I have to wait until the tag dissipates to tag it again.
  • Enemies in melee sometimes taking 1+ seconds to topple over, making me lose Blessing stacks as I hit them again and it counts as a miss.
  • Knocked down enemies being a barrier we can’t possibly pass. You know, unlike enemies we just lightly staggered.
    You can’t see them, they’re lying on the floor, but damn they are solid as a wall.
  • That spot on the start of the Hab Dreyko Mission ( I believe that’s the one) where, after the bridge, when someone mentions how dark it is, there’s that small rise right before the ladder up on the right path where the character tends to get stuck for half a second.
    It’s annoying.
  • Putting a medkit on an elevated position and then not having a circle. It’s not actually that annoying, I did it once, yesterday, I think, but now it bugs me that I don’t know if it actually healed.

The only lovers who want to bag me are all Scab Trappers :fist::pensive:


Omg this!!! The best thing is those same railings are easy for puny humies, but a big lumbering oggy twice as tall and strong enough to simply hoist itself over it with one arm, even grab the entire rest of the team with it? Nope, can’t do it. :joy:

This reminds me:

  • I would seriously love for us rejects to get our hands on that scab/dreg basic probationary employee equipment. Imagine finally turning the tables and phase shifting through physical matter to run right through them and block them from behind for a change! Nevermind getting whatever basic universal & permanent Executioner’s Stance training they have, since they’re always shooting at us from 5x beyond visible range in power outage & vent purge maps. :sweat_smile:

You got me going now.

  • Trappers shooting nets through solid entities (ogryn, walls, hordes, etc). She is no chaos sorcerer, enough of this madness.
  • Enemies looking like they’re jogging when moving but somehow outrunning the fastest zealot at a sprint. Your legs are not that long buddy, slow it down.
  • Mutants grabbing you once they’ve run clean past you. This started happening after part 2 of the anniversary patch I believe.
  • Data interrogators being unplaceable until everyone is in that specific area on that one repair mission whose name I can never remember. I don’t know who we’re helping with this.
  • Hounds doing pirouettes and inertia free UFO U-turns. Or any enemies doing UFO turns for that matter.
  • Bulwarks being immune to stagger until their current stagger animation has finished. I need to touch your face with my weapon, move that shield.
  • The amount of skidding across the floor you do when attacked by a chaos spawn leading to it inevitably cornering you and performing its near undodgeable grabbing attack. The amount of skidding you do in general.
  • How the beast of nurgle is immune to the zealots chorus ult. Isn’t it a daemon? Surely it would be the most affected by religious zealotry?
  • How the majority of spawns during a horde event spawn behind you. Didn’t I just come from there after killing everyone?
  • Gunners and reapers mag capacity. Please reload.
  • That little sprint+ the sniper does when you get close. Come here and let me kill you you son of a-
  • Trappers not being phased by a revving chainsword to the face whilst firing their net.
  • Boltguns not being able to 1-tap regular dregs. Why’s his hand still intact after that hit?
  • Some enemy attack animations being so slow that it’s actually hard to figure out when you’re supposed to do the dodge to actually evade the strike. Quit trying to hit me and hit me.

The list goes on.


Just 1 really.

Out of all game mechanics there is the one where you have to hit those 3 branches in short timeframe to eachother otherwise it re-grows and pressured by hordes. So many times someone standing next to it and everyone else already in position and tapped their closest ones.

Literally screaming tap it!

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Funny Sign Fails


Contextual based movement. We had perfectly fine movement in VT2 that allowed you to jump over things without having to do dumbass vaulting.

Hate it. Not even an ogryn.

Hate suppression as well. A supposedly helpful mechanic that causes animations that make enemies dive for cover where I can’t shoot them in the face is crap. They’re more dangerous this way because they simply live longer, and can divert your attention. No 2 ways about it.


Suppression isn’t as nearly as viable as it could be, because non-Ogryns simply don’t have the appropriate weaponry to effectively utilise it.

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:joy: Yeah I love that Collateral or whatever name the suppression stat goes by is literally an inverse of most stats. You want it as low as it can be so you can actually hit the enemies where it matters. Especially since many enemies were literally designed to raise an arm to protect their heads so this really couldn’t have come as a surprise to anyone.

Edit: Come to think of it, this “supposed to help but really doesn’t” thing also reminds me of another little pet peeve of mine:

  • Zelly’s Dance of Death (-75% spread & -50% recoil for 3s on dodge) is directly on the way to fantastic talents like Thy Wrath be Swift (stagger & slow immunity against everything), Good Balance (+25% toughdmg reduction for 2.5s on dodge), sometimes even Grievous Wounds (+50% stagger on weakspot hits) and is ofc the shortest path to stealth itself. I love those other talents with my Scattershot shotty builds, especially my Kantrael Man-Stopper & Flechette which needs that stealth for the 2x cleaving burn & bleeds. So I really can’t praise Dance of Death highly enough for so superbly ruining the one thing those builds need the most: that spread, and precisely when I need it the most too!

It’s even worse than psyker’s Mind in Motion. At least that one is only useless without being actively harmful. DoD though adds a fun little minigame where I get constant 3s debuffs to my ranged. :face_exhaling: Ofc I realize for most other weapons that talent is fantastic but like I said, let’s not let something like reason get in the way here. xD

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Tbf, some dunce always has their flashlight on.
Doesn’t help.

if there’s more than one psyker on the team the end up constantly overlapping their shields making it impossible for me to shoot at anything because it’s nearly opaque.

honestly “if there’s a psyker on the team” is already annoying. they contribute nothing useful and constantly get the team downed because helping out is benieth them.

Got another one.

Being slotted into a mission in progress without my say so. I don’t want to inherit someone else’s baggage.

Its even worse when a mission you want to play is on that board but not for much longer, so it sends you into one like at the last drop off or something. The join in losses too, like how are you supposed to do anything joining in with 20 ragers in your face, a crusher dropping an overhead while standing in a fire grenade with your gun unloaded. All because someone dipped out before the game actually ended since the round end takes forever (another chance to shell Born Ready mod right here). People griefed on matchmaking by quitters.

They need some kind of check on when the game is actually lost and then stop connecting players to it.


yeah, i remember doing it in the tutorial, thinking “this is such an awkward mechanic, good thing its not important” …now i’m sliding up to crushers to engage them in melee - the entire movement system/dodge system relying on slide is really clunky feeling

It comes in handy a lot more in Auric HISTGs or Maelstroms where the game frequently likes to throw a barrelful of snipers and gunners at you. Shutting them down even for a little bit can give your team the breathing room they need to move up and fight back - though generally speaking, yes, death tends to be the best status effect you can inflict.

Veteran with a rapid-fire weapon like a recon lasgun or Columnus mk5 and the KTHD talent can be pretty effective at suppression!