What simple, minor, even funny & vain annoyances do you have?

Something that always gripes me about the game is how contrived the whole situation is in the first place - you’re telling me that the Moebian 6th, an elite military strike force, managed to lock down Tertium within a week and subsume it entirely under their control, and are now getting their asses kicked by four homeless people on death row?

The Moebian 6th were called back by Tetrium’s nobles to deal with the uprising and ended up joining the dregs. The Cult of Admonition is their own power, this is why Wolfer is kneeling to a dreg in one cutscene. Their ranks were first stuffed by dropping a plague-laden train bomb in the center of the hive’s rail transport to make a few billion unwilling groaners and poxwalkers, not the cult converts or the Moebian betrayers.

This is the non existent story recap.

I run those almost exclusively. Suppresion f*cks my quick swaps. I kill one the other hides so I gotta find another that isn’t hiding then go back to the one that is now leaving cover - oh wait my bad suppression last 8 billion years, and now he’s hiding again because I shot the dreg shooter 5m from him.

It does keep your team safe somewhat, but those gunners taking up brain space while I take care of specials might make something important slip through my defenses.

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They’re still not nearly enough to make Suppression particularly useful.

What I mean to say is that with their current arsenal, Veterans are just better off shooting the enemies in the face rather than making them stay behind cover.

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Fair point, although I do find it funny and Mercantile specifically addresses this issue. Also, why are the Scabs hogging all of the love? Where are the Dreg Captains? Where are the Dreg Bombers? Where are the Dreg Lieutenants? Where are the Dreg Maulers? Where are the Dreg Shooters? The list goes on.

The Scabs do have better drip, though. Can Veterans get some Loyalist versions of it? :wink:

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this ain’t even true. the 6th were called back before the cult sprung their nonsense and had started throwing in with the cult due to dissatisfaction with their treatment on return (thrown into drudge work in the factories), which is why wolfer is in a prison ship during the tutorial because he was masterminding getting the rest of the returning 6th into the cult of admonition’s clutches. grendyl’s probably the one that contacted the nobles, not the other way around.

I mean its only in the thread from Dan, but whatever I’m sure like everything else you know best. The Moebian 6th had to come back for an actual reason. It wasn’t known that they had turned before they even came home from their isolatation and warp exposure. Kinda throwing the cart out before the horse with your no brain take. yes some disgruntled workers necessitated pulling frontliners at the eye of terror out and not potentially losing the planet. sure thing

the 6th wasn’t guarding the eye of terror, they were on frontier worlds. that’s why all the melee weapons, they weren’t properly supplied (because they were fighting dark ages-level tech) and ran low on firearms, they most likely finished pacifying the needed worlds and were recalled to stiffen the planetary defense force with some actual experienced troops.

The stuff crawling right out of the warp, they’re so deep in the tide they get neither word in or word out. Either way, the Moebians are called back in the early stages of the uprising seizing the opportunity to spread their new faith and punish the corpse emperor’s servants. The Inquisition comes later when it becomes apparent that the Moebians are aiding the uprising and not stopping it. That’s basically as far as we get minus NPCs of varying significance trusting you. The nobles believed the presence of the Moebian 6th would quell the uprising with their connection to the planet.

I theorise than the Moebian Domain is somewhere in the Segmentum Obscurus, possibly very close to what used to be Cadia. I do not believe that the Eye of Terror is part of the Moebian Fringe, but the Eye of Terror could definitely still be a nearby threat to the Moebian Domain.

that’s not even a theory, they tell us that cadia is in the sector when we create a character as it’s one of the options for where we’re from. the 6th was stationed on fringe worlds, the two facts don’t contridict each other.

The weird behavior that started around xbox launch where you get teleported back to the start about 10 seconds into a mission. Some sort of dsync but it happens like 20-40% percent of the time on mission start

Venting Shriek flat out whiffing if you use it immediately after reaching critical peril


Dodging, sliding off the map, because Sweden.

Ogryns clapping there weapons as musical instruments in elevators never gets old!

A very small thing yet annoying to me for some reason is not being able to see my companions when in the loading screen of a “join in progress game”. Most times it seems the ship briefing loading screen only loads me by myself and not my other companions, so I can’t make myself an idea of whom I’ll be playing with as classes.


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