What annoys you?

not talking about balance here just silly things that bug you or no good reason here’s mine!

Drakefire pistols, i hate em , i’ve taken to playing bardin just so i can get into lobbies without them they look so stupid and the sound , poot, poot, poot, poot from the start of the map to the last mob dies a constant stream , its like water torture , being sat on a train opposite an 5 year old kid going mum mum mum mum mum …

Yes i might well be playing a bit too much! but this is just some light hearted venting so what points of total insignificance are you getting triggered by?

Chaos patrols getting stuck.

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People running through you while you’re standing still shooting (on champ/leg), they take damage then yell at you.

Same when you’re standing still shooting in a straight line and someone runs into your shot and yells at you or strafes into your shot


Totally agree @Jabutei! I also hate when enemy mobs spawn all around you out of nowhere. Or specials like hook rats or assassins magically appear out of thin air right before your eyes 1 foot away mid grab/pounce animation. It doesn’t happen very often, but when it does… I get tilted like a public park teeter totter.


singling out, tagging, charging, then slamming your heavy strike combo full on into a chaos warrior, while expertly side-dodging his overhead strike, doing 99% damage on him, then a victor saltspire pokes him in the butt and gets the kill

Waiting in melee with Slayer while team shoots people, until a FF incident happens and you hear the characters blame Bardin!
Not only do I not have a ranged weapon, I haven’t even left clicked! How dare they pick on the dwarf!

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People having trouble with veteran that insists on doing champion in quick play : /


Welp yesterday hookrat spawned right behind me in textures and dragged me there XD That was sad wipe.

Even better when they blame bardin when hes not even there.

  • When you dismantle 50 rats with no problem but then 8 of them spawn to your back and kills you because your team was looking for tomes or got distracted while eating spaghetti (or whatever these people do who just afk run forwards 80% of the time)

  • When you dismantle 50 rats with no problem but then a hook rat spawns 8 feet behind you and instantly takes you out (your teammates are still eating spaghetti)

  • When you kite the boss tagging, slamming heavy strikes, dodging, dipping, diving and wrecking but then somebody else gets a lucky hs and gets the kill

  • When you’re on a ledge trying to have a smart position and your teammates push you off

  • When lvl 2 players enter your game and you can’t just kick them out after they refuse to play a higher lvl hero (because your teammates are eating spaghetti)

  • I can’t salvage equipped items yet I have to change heroes every time to see what gear they’re using. Having an unified equipment screen for quick unequipments would be really nice

Overall if this game had no “bs” feeling spawns there’d be almost no annoying/frustrating factors in the game itself. Just fix that and make a few party/item option optimizations and things would be gucci

Why does it annoy you if someone else gets the last hit on a boss? If you did most of the damage then it will show in the scoreboard.


When people die to their own fundamental mistakes and then blame the game or their team mates. Also, when bugs happen and people lose all composure and make big mistakes, but then blame it entirely on the bug instead of sharing responsibility.

I’m not asking for people to be pros, only to face up to their own mistakes. I still make mistakes all the time :3.

Other people rushing through the game, acting like they don’t care about the game itself and only the loot. It seems like 90% of this game’s playerbase plays like that, and although I largely prefer a harder difficulty I often end up playing solo veteran (and sometimes failed champion), because the bots just face-tank everything.

I like to take my time and enjoy the game, take in the scenery, etc. People online never do this, which is fine, but it takes away from my enjoyment when I’m spending the whole game just trying not to get left behind.

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The current situation that involves the dropping of reds and cosmetics , yes the whole situation is a festering thorn in my side atm

When people take their time watching the scenery, etc. Players rarely do this, which is good, because it takes away from everybody else’s enjoyment when they have to spend the whole game just watching so that the one player doesn’t get left behind or keep fighting with only 3 players with the risk of that one player getting one-shotted by an elite.

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Bugged F’s.

People ignoring health items you spot with T.
People ignoring specials you spot with T.
People ignoring chat advice.
People in general.

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An Elf that tops off her health as im sitting there on barrowed HP and have no health pot :frowning:

Host getting DC’d.

Oh golly!

Also: one of the worst advices out there.
Not the greedy part, but the loot part, rats rarely ever drop loot dices, the only reason to hunt them down.

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Getting lobby kicked by hosts who are upset the team lost. Easier just to quit after every match and start again.

The abhorrent campness of the game. Tally-ho