Bots are barely useful

PS4, offline player
Bots are just so frustrating. Idk where to start but

  1. Whenever i pull out a ranged weapon they just seem to all rush to stand directly in front of me. So I can’t see what im shooting and i damage them.
  2. Whenever there’s a minigun rat or a flamethrower rat its basically a soft lock unless you have a ranged weapon with ammo because the bots will just infinitly hide or infinitly walk into the flames until they die.
  3. They’re either attached to my waist baby sitting me/getting in my way or on the other side of the map because they saw a special. Especially when theres a hoard, instead of spreading out adjacent to me in a more coordinated fasion they just circle around me and try and hit everything before i can.
  4. They’re wasteful with healing items, they just burn them before they even go down.
  5. They only shine in stealing special kills, if you’re playing bounty hunter or huntsman (classes in which the most fun lies in blasting specials) bots will just instantly aimlock the second a special spawns before you even get the chance to see them, making your class choice basically pointless.
  6. Also obviously the issue with them healing you while you’re playing zealot. When yiu want to have lower health. Not a big deal to me but to others is annoying.
  7. Since they cant share your boons on chaos wastes, you’re at even more of a disadvantage after already being basically on your own.
    There’s probably more issues that im forgetting atm.

I just really wish their was more customization in the menu, it would be great to choose the way my bots behave.

Also the FOV slider needs to be bigger, the largest FOV is still insanely small plus the fact that your weapon is covering most of that view.

Last thing, hook rats are frustrating. Maybe i just dont get it but they can’t be staggered in my experience (which is insane imo) so i cant just push them or swing at them. And when i try and dodge them they still just grab me no matter what. So i either have to have high enough gear power level so i can one shot them, have ammo in my ranged weapon, or not be the last one alive (which is kinda hard with bots)

Although content updates are awesome, new levels and Sienna’s dlc career are great. I’d much rather you guys focus on fixing the mountain of bugs and certain quality of life changes (like a bestiary, larger FOV, maybe the ability to port your offline progress to online like how you can do it the other way around.)
I love your game but sometimes its just so frustrating/hard to love. Thank you for your time.

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There were a few posts about bots recently and I think the general consensus that i got from those was that the recent patches have just broken bots completely. The “better combat ai” mod for bots also has been broken with the recent patches as well (which afaik, is the only whitelisted mod that attempts to make their ai better). I also kinda made a point about since bots have been left by the wayside it has completely killed any sort of ability to play solo. It’s more like you’re dragging 3 people who have never played the game before through the map, and at that point I’d rather it just be a true solo experience with just me and only me so that way i don’t have to deal with extra mobs.

tldr; recent patches have broken bots and they’re not fixing it any time soon, sorry.