What if random GPU crashes are not really GPU related?

TLDR: My motherboard died, bought a new one together with better CPU. No crashes now.

I’ve had B450 motherboard with Ryzen 5 2600 and RTX 3070. On Tuesday my PC wouldn’t boot, with EZ debug VGA diode showing red light. I borrowed ancient GTX 460 from a room-mate. It was the same. I brought my RTX to another friend and his PC booted fine with it. Then I got a new PSU to exclude the chance the current one is not working properly after 3,5 years. The same. Finally, I gave up, decided that something on the motherboard died, I’ve had enough, cannot live through the weekend without a working PC and bought B550 with Ryzen 5 5600. Everything works now but I also noticed that Darktide no longer crashes with worker threads greater than 1. With 5 2600 I had to set them to 1, otherwise the game would keep crashing after some time with the know GPU hang error.

What if random GPU crashes are not really GPU related? What if it’s CPU bottleneck causing instability? Some kind of a deadlock occurring? Or concurrency issue with some CPU-bound calculations? Everyone, including the devs, are calling it random GPU crashes but what if GPU hangs because it’s waiting on CPU in some edge cases?

It’s purely speculation on my part. Only Fatshark has access to the full data from all the crash reports and logs. Maybe it’s worth checking that out. Surely devs have some hardware statistics (CPU and GPU are always listed in the game logs) to see how many of the crashes have a CPU which is much less powerful than GPU.

Anyway, decided to dust off my forum account created years ago and never used to write this.

I’m experiencing regular crashes with an i9-12900KF and 3080Ti.

When the game first installed, it set worker threads to 21. After I began to crash, I set it first to 16, then 8, but the crashes continue.

I’ll try setting it to 1 when I get home from work, but I’ve heard that doing so drastically reduces performance.

I spent most of Sunday running stability tests on my hardware including a CPU stress test, Memory diagnostic, GPU ram test, and a GPU stress test. All tests came back clean. The only reason I decided to test all my hardware was due to Forza 5 also crashing (far less frequently). These are the only two games I’ve had crashing issues with.

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Thanks for letting us know. Our developers are exploring every possible avenue and have combed through a lot of data but I don’t believe we’ve identified any correlation with CPU bottlenecks based on the statistics. I will certainly share this with them however! :slight_smile:

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I set my worker threads to 1 and ran 5 missions without a crash last night. I’m setting it to 2 tonight to see what happens, but it appears to be directly related to that. At least in my case.

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Crashed in the first mission with 2 worker threads. Set it back to 1 and completed the mission only to get a black screen after the mission ending cutscene.

i wouldnt be surprised, i have a 3700x and the game hasnt worked since the pre-release but it shouldnt be that difficult for them to find out if thats the case