Crash confusion

I don’t understand how a crash where the only stop gap is setting the worker threads to 1 is gpu related, but every time i post a crash report it gets immidietely moved to gpu related crashes with zero explanation.

You should add to the thread instead of a new topic, new topics for the same issue are redundant. If you haven’t posted logs (user_settings, crash dump, console log) nobody can actually determine what type of crash you had. There’s instructions in the relevant threads.

I have posted logs and its always been moved to the gpu related crashes with no real explanation

I would recommend posting them in the gpu thread accordingly and waiting for a fix. Many people are.

They are moved to the GPU-related crashes post because they are GPU-related, and we need to at least attempt to keep it organised. We are running on empty working loooong hours days every day, so we don’t have the time to respond to each and every person experiencing the same GPU-related error.

I can also see this error in your logs, which may help you:

Hardware-accelerated GPU scheduling in Windows OS needs to be enabled - please see

Thank you so much julia! im sorry for seeming rude i was just really confused by it, thank you for the help!