Game randomly crashing

Game randomly crashing. From 6 games 3 times. When it happends game is closed, and in the “bug field” is empty. In the “task manager” game still running and I need to end the process manualy.
My grafic card is: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080Ti - drivers are fresh
Processor: i7-8700 CPU3,70GHz
RAM 16, Win 10
So I played game on 3440x1440 resolution with max details. Here are some crash files which I found:

crash_dump-2018-11-04-16.47.06-F1050CC4-180E-491F-A1C5-CE1C.dmp (715.3 KB)

crash_dump-2018-11-04-20.24.46-4192190F-6705-44D0-8F74-3784.dmp (582.6 KB)

crash_dump-2018-11-06-20.40.59-F88AD1EB-503B-42F9-BCF1-743F.dmp (559.0 KB)

crash_dump-2018-11-06-21.28.24-DA65396F-9E6D-44E6-8AAF-9188.dmp (556.5 KB)

crash_dump-2018-11-06-22.12.40-DF747D50-FAE6-4EE1-BE5D-8366.dmp (855.6 KB)

Also I have some console logs:
console-2018-11-04-16.47.06-F1050CC4-180E-491F-A1C5-CE1C.log (2.1 MB)

console-2018-11-04-20.24.46-4192190F-6705-44D0-8F74-3784.log (2.0 MB)

console-2018-11-06-20.40.59-F88AD1EB-503B-42F9-BCF1-743F.log (1.4 MB)

console-2018-11-06-21.28.24-DA65396F-9E6D-44E6-8AAF-9188.log (427.7 KB)

console-2018-11-06-21.50.40-91607FCD-CCA1-450F-94A8-4C16.log (766.1 KB)

console-2018-11-06-22.01.24-1C15CB9C-75C5-44EE-8C90-F5C3.log (29.9 KB)

console-2018-11-06-22.12.40-DF747D50-FAE6-4EE1-BE5D-8366.log (689.5 KB)

I have more of these files, so I can put them here If you will need them.

Thank you in advance.

Lowering your ‘Worker Thread’ count to 6 within the launcher should sort this out. Try it out and let me know. :slight_smile:

Thank you for your advice. I will try it :slight_smile:

Worker Thread set to 6 and today it crashed again. Here are logs:
crash_dump-2018-11-08-17.49.44-A2EBB2D1-1068-49F9-9194-E2F0.dmp (496.3 KB)
console-2018-11-08-17.49.44-A2EBB2D1-1068-49F9-9194-E2F0.log (1.7 MB)
next game again crashed :frowning:
crash_dump-2018-11-08-19.07.12-F6CEC62C-EC92-4E0F-B8A3-9DF7.dmp (485.0 KB)
console-2018-11-08-19.07.12-F6CEC62C-EC92-4E0F-B8A3-9DF7.log (891.2 KB)
ok after that was one game ok and next one crashed again… :frowning: half of my games crashed…
crash_dump-2018-11-08-20.42.34-E7BE67E7-E6BB-4EFA-A5A1-4F4D.dmp (491.4 KB)
console-2018-11-08-20.42.34-E7BE67E7-E6BB-4EFA-A5A1-4F4D.log (1.1 MB)
I tried another game tonight with “high” quality setting and it crashed again… I am realy disappointed… I am playing 20minutes and then crash…
console-2018-11-09-21.34.20-246222FB-CFC5-4B52-B14E-9968.log (515.5 KB)
crash_dump-2018-11-09-21.34.20-246222FB-CFC5-4B52-B14E-9968.dmp (544.8 KB)

Did anyone check those files? or they are here uploaded unnecessarily?

My apologies for the delay, if a quicker response is required I’d recommend messaging us in the Support Portal instead ( where we aim to reply within 24 hours, Monday - Friday. Regardless, I’ve popped your logs over to our Engine Developer and hope to have an update for you soon.

Hello Julia,
thank you for the link. I tryied to open ticket yesterday on that webpage but I can not find that ticket now, so I am not sure If ticket was created or not. (I did not recieved any answer or confirmation about ticket creation on my email)
Anyway I will put some crash logs here.
Crash from today:
crash_dump-2018-11-14-20.45.34-0197DA8F-9FA5-471D-B91E-3982.dmp (485.4 KB)
console-2018-11-14-20.45.34-0197DA8F-9FA5-471D-B91E-3982.log (351.5 KB)
Crash from yesterday:
crash_dump-2018-11-13-17.17.47-BCB04E8B-FB39-401C-980C-0EC4.dmp (571.1 KB)
console-2018-11-13-17.17.47-BCB04E8B-FB39-401C-980C-0EC4.log (2.4 MB)

Oh I did send an acknowledgement reply on the 13th, it might be considered ‘Spam’ by your inbox. :smiley:

I’ve heard back from our Engine Developer and unfortunately there’s no clear explanation for your crashes. Your crashes are a combination of Access Violations which are notoriously hard to debug and GPU crashes.

You’ve mentioned your GPU drivers are newly installed; was this a clean installation - were outdated drivers removed in the process?

You are right. The reply was in the spam. My missteke… I did not check it.
On the Nvidia page was 13.11. released new driver. So I install it today and I will test if it helps or not. If game crash I can try to remove completly GPU driver and install it again.
If you will have some news from the technical team, please let me know.

First game was OK and second crash
console-2018-11-15-12.47.52-EE69FCA2-157C-4A0C-AF48-94C0.log (1.1 MB)
crash_dump-2018-11-15-12.47.52-EE69FCA2-157C-4A0C-AF48-94C0.dmp (610.1 KB)
I am realy sad… :frowning:
I do not know what else to try…

I popped a reply over via the Support Portal. Just letting you know in case it’s ended up in ‘Spam’ again! :slight_smile:

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