What if no wait fixing the game until season2? Warning! Salty

FS can’t control the rumors that go around. They aren’t very detailed in their changes/philosophy I’m guessing because they have to invest that time elsewhere. Smaller patches with more frequent bug fixes would be nice, but I don’t think they want to work on any more branches at a time than they already are (versus, release, development, etc.)

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sigh… V E R S U S

prime example of wrong priorities and making things worse. we’ll see how long till that fails like the weaves. yea im salty af


I know they’ve said Versus doesn’t drain any resources from the main game but I haven’t heard it explained how that’s possible. Surely at some point coders have to get involved who could have been bug fixing or working on QOL stuff for the main game.

Not saying there isn’t a good explanation, just doesn’t compute to me as it’s been explained so far.

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The versus Team is an additional project that is not pulling current people away from V2. Granted with opportunity cost you can make a different argument, but they wre explicit that they were not taking resources away from V2 to add Versus.

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Ok, why is there there additional team for side-gig when main game is crashing and burning ? No matter how they put it, Versus development is 100% taking significant amount of resources from fixing the main game.

I don’t see how it could not.


While versus could have been a side branch to the core game like weaves, making it an entirely separate game is most certainly taking away resources from the main game.
They must believe that it can be such a great hit, that it will pull it’s own crowd large enough, to return the resources spent making it.

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Cause they hired new ppl only for versus so no one whos fixing things on the normal game have to do coding in versus. If they would not do versus they would not have hired these ppl its a different project. So its taking no resource

This makes no sense, if they have the money as the studio… then they could just go like “ok, this is horrible, we keep screwing up, we need more ppl, let’s just get more guys so we fix this mess and then we can focus on other things”

It’s always resources. Nothing is free. Very much doubt that whole team workin on Versus is working for 0$.

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Having more people working on the same thing at some point isn’t more efficient, I think Hedge said this somewhere. Basically they have divvied up the work load wide enough that additional members would be fruitless.


This is just PR.

You’re tellin me that nobody aside from like few guys can do weapon balancing or talent balancing work ? I could do that …

And even for engine specific bugs/issues, they could surely find someone who has experience with this. Instead of wasting money on Versus.

You can hire ppl for any kind of work if you can pay them.

And if there is something that rly needs to be done by some vermin-veteran-dev then he should focus on that and other easier stuff could be offloaded on the new hires.

This is again decision issue… let’s do something else, something new, without fixing the previous stuff as it always goes. Without doing the stuff that community wants…

The Versus is complete random gig, I never heard anyone during my time playing this game, seriously asking for that. And especially not asking for that instead of focusing on fixing the main game.

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Just hiring more people isn’t guaranteed to enhance thing in the long run, and will very likely hinder development for a while as the new people get up to speed on company practices, the game engine, the game itself and the codebase. It will also take some of the more experienced people’s resources to teach the new guys, mixing things up even more. Only after at least a couple of months the improved results can show.

Also, the more people working in a single thing (particularly in programming where a difference between a comma and a semicolon can make a load of difference), the more likely it is that the end result has mix-ups and weird interactions - or downright doesn’t work. Too many cooks and all that.

So if anything, it could be that the work each programmer does needs to be more clearly defined, and not many people should work on a particular thing. Shifting in other people from another project will almost certainly lower the quality of the end product, even if the increased man-hours mean (after a while) that it gets “finished” sooner.

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I don’t think Versus is a waste of time or resources. If you think it is, it just clearly isn’t a game mode for you. But without intelligent specials, the game gets very predictable and a lot of the time feels too easy. Versus is a new spin on adventure maps while still keeping the random variations of adventure maps, unlike weaves, which most people consider a flop. I want bug fixes and talent/trait tweaks as much as the next guy, but I’m also really excited for versus.

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This depends on what people you hire, and we can see from past year and a half that the way it goes now is not working, game wasn’t ever bug free and now it’s in worst state ever. Either they need more ppl or do much better work.

I’m just saying…, how is spending $ on side-gig, good idea ? It looks pretty crazy to me.

And if they wasn’t able to fix the bugs and new issues, and it’s getting worse, then how is it getting better in future, if they add more stuff to the game and they also add new Versus mode ?

It is whole new game mode, which will need a looot of work to be decent = a lot of resources = those cost $$$. That is pretty simple.

Now the main game, is in kinda worst state it ever was in terms of bugs, balance and other issues… and you are claiming that starting another resource heavy project is good idea ?

I have to be missing something here.

It’s like your house is on fire, you are unable to put the fire away and you go and start building huge garage.


You’re right and wrong at the same time. There’s a saying in technical projects that say “9 Women Can’t Make a Baby in a Month”. Adding more people to a project does not solve all your issues. They can help a bit. And they can work on others stuff at the same time that the rest of the team is solving issues.

And they did hire more for this.
And it was certainly asked by the community (I mean, steam general discussions have more than 30 pages BEFORE versus announcement that asked for this).
I mean, you’re not alone to say they shouldn’t work on versus, but more on what people want (fixes for you, new maps for others, etc…).
Versus mode was probably the most asked mode since the release (the most recurrent topic with the asking for a new character).

I’m pretty sure it is not in this worst state in terms of bugs. Nether is is in terms of balance. Go play legend again and you’ll hardly find major bugs or unable to play the weapon you like.


They already started the project long ago, they are not one to abandon such things. They also must not see the bugs right now as that big of issues, but I’m sure a lot will be fixed when season 2 starts. If some bugs are still there and FS sees them, they will probably hotfix it pretty quick, since they don’t have another big update coming for quite a while and they want the start of the new season to look very appealing.

That’s one every month after 9 months.
Crusader King aproofes

And we see the result already with drachenfels coming really soon after the expansion (remember that we had to wait more than half a year to see content before)

This is not the case at all. It’s not that whole game is hanging on one guy. That is bs.

But how many people did ask for this, seriously, in poll ? And would they want it, if it mean that game will be in this crappy state ?

I doubt it.

That if there was a lets say simple poll asking “Do you guys want us to focus on fixing all the bugs, issues, balance etc, maybe finally finishing the deed crafting, some QOL, etc” or “Just start new game mode, like we did with Weaves that crashed and burned super hard… as predicted… and keep the game in this horrible state and make it for us harder in future to keep it bug free, balanced and so on ?” … that people would be like “YES , VERSUS ! OFC ! FU*K BUGS, WHO CARES”

It absolutely is, at least in my 2.5k hours or whatever it is.

It’s not about if I can now go and play Legend with whatever I want… it’s about bugs, imbalances and crapload of other issues we talked about many many times.

ps: I should be able to go and play Cata with whatever I want, that would be decent balance. You balance from top down… nobody in their right mind would balance from bottom up.

Seriously I was never so frustrated with the game, not even close, as I’m post 2.0.

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We see already what?
You see things before they can be seen and looking at V2’s history doesn’t seem like they were all that potent if you know what I mean.

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This looks more like them sacrificing the next map DLC, especially with spoon feeding the maps instead of getting all 3 at the same time.
You will never know when they started working on them, since there is zero transparency from FS regarding what they are doing, even right now with S2 coming up.