What if no wait fixing the game until season2? Warning! Salty

Dear FatShark developers!

Sorry for the saltyness, but i totally get enough.

Do you know how irritating that you sit on something, and let the game make suffer the hardcore players?


When instant pounce assassins came back, that was one thing.
Minotaurs hitting through solid objects and killing players, yes, this is another.
Imput lags.
Rapier push block animation (have to watch the whole animation to be able to swap weapon - around 2 secs).
Rubberbanding chaos berserkers and chaos warriors as host.
Instant death spots.
Deathrattler dashing into a concealed ranger veteran, then runs on it in the corner in one place untill he is revived, then the still concealed vetran got killed by it. After the big one had it’s victim, he bagan to act normally.
Shade still got b*tchslapped by stormfiend during infiltrate.
Beastmen’s attack speed. You almost cannot kill a beastmen horde without taking stab damage, yeeees, the ungors still stabbing through the gors.
Blightstormers casting through solid walls without line of sight.
Hooks have sometimes little sound or none.
The big clanking stuff on flamethrowers and rattling lots of the times doesnt even play! That was sooooo unnecessary.
Gasrats throw through solid objects, even without the knowing where the players are (no line of sight), but still aiming like a neurosurgeon.
3 standard bearers on top of each other.
Leeches got the players in wortexes, when dodging you can see you dodged the projectile (it goes right beside you), but still get grabbed.
Beastmen climbing animation to attack animation issue. Yes, too quick.
Enemies tries to go behind you so hard they even ignore the hitbox of yours and wraithwalk through you to be able to hit you from behind.

These stuff make me feel that this game is not for me in the future, no matter what cool content is in your hands right now.

And now the salty part:

I began to think (sadly not just me) that you are incompetent developing a game such like this. I reported dozens of bugs with/without evidences, all of them are acknowledged, well known, experienced by lots of players, but I dont see any progression. With every patch you just mess up the game more and more. Why is that? What happened since WoM? Clearly during WoM betas and after WoM release something went wrong. Before it you could patch the game’s bugs more succesfully, not making tons of other bugs.
Can you this whole writing paste into the Q&A? And please cut the “yes, we are aware, we are working on it” empty sentences, because i’ve got enough of that as well. What I see, as a hardcore player (daily 3-4-5 hours of play 2151 hours in total) that the development who should maintain the game does little, instead of more mess, ruins the game’s experience because of bringing the instanpouncing assassins back, pouncing assassins who are faced in the opposite direction as I, waiting for the normal balance (yes, because the balace what beastmen got is like "we have to calm the angry players, do a little stuff that will make their mouth shot for a time).

I play this game almost from the beginning and I havent seen the game in such bad condition. There were times when it was bad, but you patched them well, not like now. I loved the mood of this game, we played it prior to other games, but my friends sadly dont play now, just a few, didnt even bought the expansion. Why? Because they feel that mess as well what i’m talking about and why I am so angry at you. Lots of players didnt bought the WoM as well. Just think about why they didnt want the so called “endgame” expansion. If i play with my mates and i host i always disable the WoM (the other 3 of the team didnt buy the expansion due to the negative state in steam and because of what they red in forum) because of the mess it causes. We dont need the beastmen, so we just ignore them with disabling the dlc.

What I want as a loyal, hardcore player of your game:

  • normal communication, no empty nonsenses
  • normal, working fixes. More little, than a big messy one
  • If you lack testers, find some! Your game is mixed now guys, WoM was mostly negative! Ask for help.
  • If you have more projects and have no power to maintain one of the living games, than it is the company’s problem, needs internal revision
  • collect all the most frustrating bugs which can ruin the game’s feel “uh, i love that! come, play a few more” instead of ragequits because the game messes the experience up and fix them asap.
  • no new content. get the base game together. If the players are ok with the base game, no or little bugs, they feel “you get what you suspected”, if the game gets no more negative on steam, then add content. Believe me if others see that the game is ok, and you are competent in what you are doing, then all of us will buy anything what you make.

Remember that: always those will remain who stood here for a year, years. Not those who will buy the game, and then will abandon it in 2 months. Yes, your income is them, but I cannot believe you cannot do this better.

This is not against you, I hope you feel it. It is for the whole thing, I’m not attacking, just got tired of the clunkiness and the promises.


P.s.: the users who just wants to complain about how idiot topic is this just go to the next one. noone needs toxicity, I wrote my toughts here and I want Vermintide 2 be like it can be.


Is that triggered by shade alone? Cause really any unit can trigger slap, both heroes and enemies

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In my experience, majority of the time Shade players are salty they got hit in the first place while infiltrated (guilty!).

It makes sense, though, when it’s a big attack not targeting you but you happen to be in the line of fire. What gets me is I’ve had gunners and flamers continue to track me after stealthing.


Actually, the game was better in the beta.
The first time I started it, I saw that I had 100+ FPS while in live I barely made 70. I could crank up the game to High from Medium. This was lost once WoM was patched into live.
In the beta the game played much better, even less problems than in 1.6 - beside the new issues ofc. Then it all went away in live.
I know it’s supid, but it would be better if we played beta branch and live was scrapped…

At this point if FS said that they need 6 months to fix up the game but there will be no content and new stuff would be delayed, I’d say, yes please, go for it. I’d even beta test every 2 months for them. Currently Legend is a cakewalk, but Cata, where you need the basics of the game to be on point, playing around bugs is no fun. “Small” problems pile together and make the gameplay frustrating, to the point where even you’re not sure if you’re bad or the game is scr*wing you.

At the end of the beta I predicted that WoM will bomb and it did, harder than I thought. With the information available, S2 will be the same, but prove me wrong…


this is the common one, but i was talking about when the enemy still tracks you after you went stealth. Salty shades that I know of, but i’m not a main elf, so when I play her it’s just like wtf?!

yes, I felt totally the same i participated in both betas. I dont know what happened after it went live.

just what is on my mind.

beast doods still track me after i go stealth for huntsman even tho im invisible and my team is no where near me. they werent even in attack mode either. i dont understand how they see me if im invisible. specials been acting weird too. poison rats throwing globes in opposite direction they looking at and leeches grab you the second they spawn with no sound giving people literally no chance to react. i like the game but is weird that it feels like the game is cheating.

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I think if they decided to halt their progress on new content and work on bug fixing, they’ll reintroduce some of them when they release patches for the new content again. Or when they merge, they might break some of the new things with the new-factored bug fixing code. Yes, I do think the game needs a lot of fixes like you listed, but even though I love this game, it hasn’t been what I’ve wanted to play the most recently because there’s not enough new stuff imo.

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ye fatshark used v1.0 of the game and slap beastman on it all fixes done from 1.0 to 1.6 is gone. this is how FS works.
copy & pasta company

can confirm, we had this a few times. and the ungor archers do the same as well. they look at someone else, and because you are closer they shoot at you, but look at different direction.

i thought the same, because of the fence-climbed assassins now pounce instantly (that was fixed before wom) and you can stand on the chest in keep again.



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They already had 18 months.

Getting hit by things that shouldn’t be tracking you happens with Dawi smoke bomb thing too. Some of it is happenign to be there when a Rat Ogre thumps something else, but when a Bestigor keeps tracking you when stealth it is annoying.

Well obviously that’s not how it must be, they can fix bugs and keep their progress if they do things correctly.

That seems like it just has to be false. @Fatshark_Hedge could you clear this up? Seen this same statement posted by a few different people around here so if it’s not true it’d probably behove you to not let misinformation spread.

can we bring back the fast mini patches/hot fixes that we had year one instead of this long wait time super patch that always ends in a lot of bugs and the game going backwards in progress.

yea lets do that instead


Look. What we wrote here is simply speculation based on things which came back from version a what were fixed already. There is no hard evidence, these stuff can be called as reappearing issues due to same tweaks or as you like. And im not really interested in pointing. Im a player who wants the product he bought as good as it can be, at least as was in older versions. I dont cry for before 2.0, the mechanics are fine. See the feedback part of my post, these stuff are common, others experiencing them too. It’s all about the whole game experience for me, it’s not fun when you got downed during swap ranged to melee because the new race has that high attackspeed and range and tracking that in some situations you simply cannot awoid that damage. Then other enemies ignores other players hitboxes, and you are surrounded, and got killed in 4-5 hits.

It is false. Bugs manifest in strange ways. We’ve been code checked by modders who can see that we didn’t just build WoM on 1.0 code. Just that bugs resurface due to other factors. Different issues with the same results.

That said, my saying that won’t change the rumours going through the mill.


Ok, but why have to be rumors in the first place? Why you cannot just say: “guys. Nope, this is not what it seems. We tweaked this, and because of it this and that may have happened. On it, we ask for patience”. simple.

I posted a lot of bugreports, all of them are acknowledged (does this tag mean anything at all?), but still experiencing them - and not just me. The sound is still a mess, I set them in options as a dev told me how to. No improvement. Trolls have stormfiend sound on spawn since the rattlig/flamer introduction sound. And so on.

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Hey it helped clear things up for me at least so I’m glad you did say it!
Cheers Hedge :grinning:

The game experience is so much better now, the minotaur wont kill you through solid wall and a visually confirmed dodged leech projectile wont grabbed you. Yey, we are not on 1.0. But still have some of the same old issues reappearing, and noone deals with it like in a few days/ a week and with the rest of them. And it’s not the issue what pains me, issues, bugs come and go. Noone deals with it fast (if they are dealt with at all), this is the problem.

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