Hope This game survives death, cause right now all the changes destroyed the whole fun

This whole patch 2.0 is the worst patch I’ve ever seen in my life , I Still can’t get over Bardin’ Slayer super Jump , lmao WTF is that :smiley:

Good thing you started a third thread about it, I almost missed it.


Yo Go bother someone else , damn

Really? “Worst you’ve ever seen in your life” yet you can’t find a single thing to say about it except a vague comment about slayer bounding leap?

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C’mon man you know the game ain’t fun no more

Except I don’t though lmao. PC has had this patch for a while, we’ve had our avalanche of “they changed the game now it sucks” threads, and we’re still playing and enjoying it. I’m not saying all of the changes brought with the patch are ideal, and I’m not saying the stagger changes are gonna be easy to get used to, but the game is in a better state in a post 2.0 world than it was before.

Part of what’s tinting your view is the bugs and issues brought with the console patch, as I believe it’s not the 2.0.15 PC version, but rather some 2.0.14.x version that still had a bunch of glaring issues. At least, that’s what it seems from how bugs that were fixed on PC are present on console. The skittergate bot death bug, for example.


Beast men with bows … c’mon man lmao

That is incorrect.

Please try and say more than “c’mon man” as feedback, that is useless to both the community and the developers.

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Actually, a lot of people quit the game. I came back with 2.0.15, but it’s still not nearly as fun as it used to be. Pre-2.0, I would play almost every day, but now I pretty much only play if Vermintide friends are on, just to hang out. Probably less than once a week. I’m firmly in the camp of 2.0 killed the game. 2.0.15 brought it back from the brink, but it’s still on life support.


That Is Correct !

uhhh pretty sure I had that one happen less than a week ago. Had salty bot pick up tome to come through and few seconds later he didn’t survive the gate. Though can’t 100% say the skaven didn’t get him.

I actually like the bowmen they create a scenario where you have to deal with them either by taking cover or killing them. Its a simple mechanic that changes the gameplay that isn’t so OP it becomes a huge threat any time. If anything the infantry for Beastmen are way more deadly.


I like them, the only thing I dislike is that they have inaccurate aim… so trying to pay attention to timing and dodge them is pointless, I’m better off not dodging at all and just standing still and shooting them. If I’m fighting other stuff and don’t have space to shoot them I just have to hope they don’t happen to hit me, there’s no skill involved in avoiding their shots.

Make the archers accurate and make dodging arrows great again!

You have a thread posting your complaints open already; please don’t spam. I am closing this topic.