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Just a heads up to fatshark,
Having over 79 days and 1500 missions invested into the Xbox version of this game, which I absolutely loved, you need to know that Xbox players hate, HATE with a passion, the stagger mechanic, the dodge stamina mechanic, the dodge window mechanic, the stagger resistance, and the angle changing path altering while attacking enemies, the absolutely broken audio que’s that are designed for pc where you have the lager field of view. Walking around holding block is not fun. Getting hit by something to your immediate left or right that makes zero sound and never appears in your screen is not fun. Getting hit while dodging is not fun. Getting hit by a mauler because your fully charged melee attack didn’t cleave through a slave rat is not fun. Getting leech’d because 2 leeches teleport within a 1/4-1/2 second apart since the dodge window is shrunk is not fun.
You’ve taken effectively the single most entertaining melee combat game I had ever played, that was challenging yet fair and made it artificially difficult and I find myself yelling at my game because my bots have no idea that running off a cliff automatically is not the answer to dealing with a rattling gunner essentially instantly failing the mission, or watching iron breaker stand on top of 3 downed characters refusing to attack and refusing to pick anyone up because there is an enemy in the area, instead of laughing and cheering as my friends and I would overcome challenges.
We love the weaves, as broken as they may be. The beast men have potential, but you need to teach your bots how to fight them. The talent tree is good. The weaves weapon changing mechanic and power cap should be applied to main campaign after clearing all helmgart catta difficulty levels, Like a real reward, unlike the commendation Chest for completing back to ubersriche on catta.
If pc players were mad that v2 was too different than v1, know that Xbox players liked v2.
I didn’t play for a month due to internet issues, I don’t need rewards, or items, or graphics or outfits to make me want to play now, I need the good gameplay that isn’t there anymore.
Koodo’s on the stability patches tho, much improved in the last couple months.
Please consider some changes. Rant over…

Pre winds mechanics were fun.

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And that 1500 completed missions, over 5200 played, most were 30/30 mixer legend runs.

Maybe I’ll have to move this to bugs and glitches to get any response from fatshark.

FatShark doesn’t respond to every message that comes down the pipe, @Bleednshiver, and I think it would be somewhat demanding to believe they would. This being said, please know that your response was read over… there’s not a thread that opens that doesn’t get seen by the FatShark team.

In this specific instance, there’s really no need for a response… you’re providing feedback which I’m sure they’ve read and understood. Similarly, there’s a lot of feedback supporting your points and a lot of feedback against it, too… that’s why it’s feedback. If I were you I wouldn’t move it to a bug report because it’s not; that’s childish behavior that is more attention seeking than it is trying to support the game.

What response are you hoping to receive? Are you hoping they’ll say, “Oh yes, absolutely, we’ll change everything back right away,” or are you just looking for any response at all?


It is common good practice to replay to feedback to provide acknowledgement and thanks. I would assume OP was hoping for that as a minimum.

If it’s the same generic message every time I think it would come across as less genuine than no reply at all, as that feels more like a bot responding to you than a person. And, if it were “acknowledgement and thanks” going out to every piece of feedback that comes in the door, I’d certainly value it less.

Meaningful Responses to Feedback

Your suggestion is likely the only reasonable response because this feedback is biased towards one side of the player base and it’s not a very large one (but I am not denying it exists by any means). FatShark probably won’t openly agree with a feedback thread that has more than 1 arguable side (in an attempt to not pander to one group more than another) so they’ll just offer, “acknowledgement and thanks.”

So if that’s all they’re going to do on issues that are more than 1 sided, why respond at all? I’ve mentioned they already read everything that passes through the forum… and then, every time they post a dev update, they mention “thanks for all the feedback.” So I guess that message is handled anyways.

As I think on this, it is coming up more and more that I’m talking about the philosophy of responding to feedback rather than the need for it in this instance. I’m gonna stick it in a collapsible field so that this is easier to read over.

This feedback offers little to no place for response. No questions were asked and there was no invitation for more conversation; every line is just statements (and very bold ones, at that… claiming all Xbox players preferred the pre-2.0 style and that all PC players wanted the post-2.0 style is inaccurate to say the least).

If getting a response is absolutely the intent, I’d recommend asking pointed questions about specific topics that can have a definitive, short answer or I’d ask questions that invite more conversation; open-ended questions, in particular, can invoke more discussion (but you probably won’t have everyone on your side as people will likely have different viewpoints than you). If you just want your voice to be heard, fear not… it already has :slight_smile:


Most data shows no response is always worse than a generic thanks, people leave feedback because they want to be heard not ignored. Ignoring customers is a great way to lose them! :slight_smile: . I would also add its very bad to belittle or insult customers, or make them feel stupid. Try and remain positive: ownership, accountability and responsibility, not blame, excuses and denial. Attitude is very important, I can recommend a couple of good books if you are interested. :slight_smile: Do you work in a customer facing role?

I think this is moving a bit off topic :slight_smile: you’re welcome to message me directly!

In summary:
What’s the case with this thread, among other threads, is that it was opened on a community forum and not the FatShark support line. Therefore, you’re providing feedback on behalf of the community and FatShark trusts that the conversation will be carried, for the most part, by the community. Think of it mostly like Reddit or Steam… no admin response on Feedback is sorta normal depending on the thread.

That would be why I tried to open up the conversation by asking what response Bleed was hoping to receive… I figured he just wanted any response at all. However, trying to move things that aren’t bugs to the bug-report category, on purpose and with the knowledge of that, is not appropriate.