What i, and you should Expect from weapon Customization

amusing. Appropriately, Im listening to “All Guardsmen party” right now. Stories of a Pen and paper game that started as Only War and transfered to Dark Heresy.

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I agree,it was showed in trailer and said in interview that there would be gun customization so I really hope that they will go add it on time .

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Honestly FatSark won’t bother making that sort of change at this point now that they’ve doubled down on going with their simpler option that’s basically them giving up and going low/no-effort-mode:

Unless we demand they hold to their word

With that being said. I say we make it a demand they go through with their promise on at least a bare bones attachment system until they actually deliver. It’s the least they could do- with us knowing they had at the very least done some work to make it happen

Demand how? People already bought their Game. There’s nothing the Players can do to influence them now, even boycotting the MTX Store won’t help here.
And for most people who notice these glaring issues it’s way too late to Refund based on whatever reason as the Core Gameplay obscures it so well.

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The best we can, just keep telling them to over and over until they get the picture. If they want their game to last long then they also have a vested interest in listening to their playerbase.

This is a feature big enough that if brought to enough attention it would be a PR train wreck, and game companies still care about future projections

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Funny how there is time to design FOMO RNG store but there was no time to design weapon customization. Funny how they had crafting system mostly ready from V2 but they had to redo it mid-development (time of Tencent aquisition, coincidence?) but still had no time for weapon attachements in game where half is FPS-like shooting.

13 missions,4 classes, no crafting, no weapon custmization. You wonder where development time went, eh?


Well there’s some more ammo for this Argument, but it can be easily handwaved away since Weapons are not Pants.

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still, thats some lore tidbits that tells us there is totally room in this for the game. it counts for somehting

The only customization we’re ever going to see in this game, is which credit card you get to buy aquila’s with.