More customization in the weapons

I’ve a lot of requisitorium coins that i not use, would be nice to have the possibility to use them for modify the weapons that have locked perks or blessing, it would be possible?

What I want is more customization, period. Before the game launched, one of the things Fatshark said they’d include were modular weapons where you could have different scopes and barrels and mods and what-not. I was very excited for that system.

What I also want is a recolor system in the game that adds different materials and colors to different parts of the clothing. I realize FS won’t sell as many recolors or varied skins if they do this, but I feel such a customization system is really what this game is missing. (And the sad part is, the functionality already exists – See the “For the Drip” and “Weapon Customization” mods)

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