Suggestion: Weapon Customization that fits in current game lore

Suggestion when/if weapon customization will be added - taking inspiration from the current mod “Extended Weapon Customization” to be used to address the crafting issues players have voiced, while also staying loyal to the current game lore. (I’m by no means a lore expert, so I may be wrong)

The current way how we acquire weapons, they are junk, used, old weapons - leftovers so to speak, and we give them to Hadron to bless, improving them. Expanding on this, include weapon customization, that not only impacts the visual identity of the weapon, but also effects its stat rolls.

For instance, you have a Lasgun, at Profane(grey) quality, you cannot make any customization adjustments to this. As you advance it through its rarities, you open up customization slots, 1-2-3-4 up to Transcendent quality.

These slots can be taken up by any customization slot - if at Redeemed(green) quality, you want a different sight on the weapon, that’ll take up one of the customization slots, until you upgrade the rarity, you cannot use another slot.

Now with each of these customizations, they each impact a different stat:
Sights - maybe no stat, as it’s advantageous for better vision
Receivers - Damage/Stopping power
Stock - Mobility/Stability
Barrel - Damage/Pen
Magazine - Ammo size/Reload speed
etc etc

So when you have a weapon that has a 70% damage roll and you want to bump that up, you can take up 2 of the customization slots adding on a Receiver and Barrel, bumping that damage to it’s max of 80%.

How you acquire the Sights/Receivers/Barrells etc, well, we’re reusing old equipment, so we have a stockpile of unused weapons right? We dismantle weapons rather than selling them and stock up a new currency of “Spare parts” or something, we use this to spend with Hadron - a new sight cost 200 “Spare parts”.

Just thought I’d share my thoughts :slight_smile:

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