What does a grim do?

so obviously grims give you corruption, but not a single acquaintance of me can tell me how they corrupt the player exactly

to give you some context, my friend was playing veteran and with just one grim his HP got corrupted to literally 1hp he managed to get to the next Heal-station and then we proceeded further and picked up the second grim, and again he would drop to 1hp,
but this time i dropped also to like 10ish hp (was playing psyker) were with one grim i hovered around 50 ish

while my friends who played zealot and ogryn had around 50% and 25% respectively after the first and then dropped further to hover around 60% and 40% respectively

both of them where the carriers, this uneven corruption behaivior can be observed in dozens of games

this doesnt make sense to me, and no one of my many many v2 acquaintances could tell how it actually works, it can’t be % of the team but raw HP numbers seem also extremly inconsistent

(and yes im aware that enemies can apply corruption, don’t bother to go there)

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Grims apply corruption over time. Corruption comes back very quickly after a heal. Once the team finds both, you really want to finish the mission ASAP.


It used to be fairly even, I think they broke something. I haven’t ever seen anyone drop to 1 HP, which is what makes me think something in the code went awry. I saw some people saying grimoire corruption resist was having the opposite effect and boosting corruption from grims. I haven’t tested yet though.

Each Grim corrupts 33% of your health almost instantly, even after healing - so 2 Grims corrupt 66%.
On top of that, there is a corruption over time that will get you down to 1 HP - at a rate of 1HP every couple of seconds.
That being said : why ? 66% corruption was not enough ? Did they think VT2 Legend full book runs were too easy ?


I don’t think it is percents, ogryn get corrupted less. More like fixed amount and then more over time.

Might be 50 health then ? I know it’s 1/3 and 2/3 of my Psyker’s base HP which I think is 150.

its fixt amount of HP, then it builds up over time you can use the medic station to “reset” the corruption but it will always returns like herpes, you can only get rid of it if you destroy the book.

If u do grim runs i suggest you get urself some ordos with max HP + corruption resist.

Healing stations only get rid of the “Over time” part of the corruption. The fixed amount comes back a second after being injected by the medicae.