Corruption from Gim

I just notice something that is really stupid from a game mechanic point of view, we had 1 grim with us and every one was getting corruption increase from getting shot by range my shield was over 50% and i got full corruption from trading shots with range mobs as a veteran and i was not even carrying the grim this is so stupid we all died later on because we all had 99% corruption at a point.


My friends an I noticed that the corruption keeps increasing while one of us was carrying a grim, even without taking damage…


It’s the same as in VT2, it just gradually builds up instead of reducing your max health all at once. It’ll add corruption for a short while and then stop when it gets to the correct penalty.

The only “correct penalty” that it stops at is when corruption fills all ur chances to revive, meaning something like 70-75% hp

What are you on about ?
In my 3+ years of playing Vermintide 2 i have never see this happen, grims will give you a fix % from your total HP pool some trinkets can help reduce this but it will never ever give you more or less corruption regardless of the damage you take.
Grims and the normal game corruption mechanics is really bad combo and not well thought out, getting 1 shooted on normal difficulty because of it is really stupid and unbalanced.


Whaaaat? In VT2 you instantly get blocked a fixed % of health.

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Yeah, and it’s the same here, except it builds up to that amount over time instead of all at once.

No its not, in Darktide is the same it will give you a fix amout of % from your total HP pull, yes when you use the medic station it will go down for like 2 seconds after it will go to the set % ( like 30% for a grim) any other corruption will get added because you take damage it has nothing to do with the grim initial corruption.
What is really bad mechanic is that when you carry a grim it will increase corruption even if you take range damage ( lasfire or any tipe of projectile) witch you dont normally take.
Normally only mele damage or specials can do corruption damage to you ( for poxwalkers you take like 5 hp on shield and 1 hp on health and like 0.5 corruption this are not the exact nr. but you get the ideea).

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Grimoires have always worked this way. That’s the challenge of collecting them.

If you really, really don’t enjoy it - collect scripts instead.

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I’m super confused, it’s the first time I hear about Vermintide grims degrading PC health over time, and now so many people insist this was “always”. What have I been playing all that time, a bootleg game maybe?

Back on the topic, I really don’t like open-beta Darktide grimoire hp degradation mechanics and I currently don’t see the point of this inconsistency in grim effects. Having 50% out is already a major drawback, please don’t actively try to kill the carrier please by downing their HP to 1% in a dense environment of ranged shooters (+ instadeath snipers).
Hopefully this gets either repaired (if it is glitched), reworked or explained.

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During the previous beta I think the following was true:

Level 2 - 3:
Set level of corruption.

Level 4:
Increasing corruption that will have to be reset using a medstation.

Level 5:
Didn’t check.

Yes, Grimoires have always worked this way. Maybe you were, in fact, playing a bootleg version of the game like you said.

In Vermintide, Grimoires reduced player total health by 30% per book, and this stacked. In Darktide, collecting a Grimoire reduces max health by 25% and slowly deals corruption damage over time, but every additional bit of corruption over the base 25% can be ‘cleansed’ by using a med-station.

This is what makes Grimoires more challenging than Scripts.

I think you’re misreading what they’re saying. The grims in Darktide and Vermintide do NOT working the same way.

In Vermintide - you lose a set amount of max health. The amount doesn’t change over time, it only changes when a grim is picked up or discarded/lost to death.

In Darktide - you lose roughly 1 wound of health, and then you slowly KEEP GAINING CORRUPTION until the level ends. Using a Medicae station will ‘reset’ the corruption back to the baseline, but the max health penalty continues to grow for the entire party when a grim is carried by anyone.

I’ve gone from 5 wounds of health natural, to less than 1 wound of health available without being downed (nor getting pounced, stepping in pox flame, getting hit by a poxburster, or the other normal methods of gaining corruption)


This I can agree with, and there was just a wording/language issue. Having added the titles of games, it is all clear and understandable (and true).
Thanks @Sovos for chipping in with additional explanation!

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Yes, the DOT from Grims in this game is -quite- brutally different than in VT2. Granted, I have seen various curios that reduce Grim’s corruption but I haven’t tested to see whether the offered 10% protection is really worth it at lvl 20-30 range. Keeping the grim’s the same as VT2 would not be a bad strategy… If it ain’t broke don’t fix it (from VT2) perhaps?


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Looks like you where right, just notice this my corruption was going up even while not in combat… this is even worst then i imagined…

When you add to this DoT mechanic that they don’t bring anything really rewarding (unlike VT 2), I fail to see the point of carrying a grim in DT.

I can see it as a try hard challenge, but the game is meant to be played and enjoyed by casual players as well, in all its chore mechanics. In the current state, I fear the grims fail to fulfil that.

If Grims increased the chances and quality of post-mission loot, it MIGHT be one thing.

But as it stands, carrying even 1 grim through a mission makes it much more difficult for seemingly no reward that matters.

You could offer me a guaranteed blue and I would still probably say it’s not worth the pain of carrying a grim.

Grims need to provide rewards that are actually worthwhile compared to what you can normally earn from the shop. You want people to carry Grims? Give them Mechanicus Tokens, or maybe Aquilas for doing so. Those are worth more than any amount of Dockets or XP, and justify just how much nastier they are. Grims essentially are a ticking clock for the party and force you to move faster or inevitably get ground down. On higher difficulties where you HAVE to play slower, Grims punish you even more.


Very well said, I really hope FS see this and implement additional grim features like you’ve suggested. Carrying Grims at the moment is not even close to worth the risk and don’t add anything to gameplay really.

I think adding a “Doom Clock” to the run is an interesting twist. It’s just not balanced the right way.

Like, what if instead of instantly corrupting a healthbar and then further corrupting you, it just starts corrupting your health bar from the start over time. Then it’s very clear to players what’s going on and they’ll realize immediately that they have to finish fast or be 1 hit from death. And you buy yourself slightly more time after each Medicae Station before you’re essentially right back to wher you were.

Because between corrupting a full health bar, building additional corruption AND the corruption enemies deal to you, you can leave a med station healed up and be back to 1 HP in under a couple minutes. Add in Heresy and up difficulty where you get fewer health bars period, and unless you’ve specifically built your curios to counteract it (corruption: grimoire resistance AND +health) your chances are slim at best.