I know they buffed up the rewards for grims just a tad but the corruption it gives is really stupid. It’s really too much. On my veteran, I have 35% corruption resistance with two trinkets. Which I am not even sure works at all… And STILL when we pick up two grims that is half my hp gone. If I didn’t have that resistance when I pick up the second grim do I just go straight to the shadowrealm? No hesitation straight to brazil?

I don’t know if it is a bug or not but the corruption resistance doesn’t seem to do me much. And then on top of being half my HP it every so often ticks another hp down. I mean… I get that it s an option so we don’t have to do it… but then that makes the existence of it questionable… and I like grims. Picking them up if I see it.

Is it just me that thinks grims take too much?


Lol I can tell that your grim corruption is working because my veteran loses like 80% of his HP with even a single grim if you wait awhile. So yeah without those trinkets you would be immediately be sent to Brazil with 2 grims. You could also increase your max HP which is probably a better way to offset the effects compared to another grim corruption resist.

Grims should not do DOT. Either that or they should give truly extravagant rewards, but even what they give now is never worth it except for contracts and we all know people just spam low level runs for that. What’s wrong with having grims nerf your max HP by a flat amount? Again another silly, arbitrary change from vermintide that only makes the game worse.

So yeah I agree that grims are way overkill for the rewards you get.


Corruption resistance does not effect the initial 40HP that is statically taken away from each grim, it only affects the DoT that it gives over time. They also stack multiplictively, meaning 3 curious with 15% CR doesn’t mean 45% CR, it’s actually less than that.

And yep, grims are just awful in every way. It causes people to make mistakes by forcing them to rush, it can reduce HP down to literally 1 (Not even Vermintide did that crap), AND it takes up a Medkit/Ammo kit slot. All for what, a 10% bonus? Lol.


Probably would be worth doing if the gave crafting mats as rewards instead of credits.
Would be mad if you actually had a reason to run them besides the challenge of it.

What, really? That’s even worse than I thought.

Truly some silly stuff coming from Fatshark at every turn.

Had to finish the last 10 minutes of a mission as vet with 1hp carrying one of the grims. We got there but definitely feels far more punishing than it should be.

I try to take more HP when I’m doing grim runs on my Vet. Grim runs are where I’ve seen the highest number of Vets go down to surprise Pox Bursters jump scaring them through a doorway.

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You have corruption resist? Because you need corruption resist(Grims)

They should combined corruption resist and grim corruption resist into one stat, it’s silly having two different stats, it just dilutes the perk pool for no reason.

Also I think the amount of health grims instantly take away needs to be reduced a bit, the corruption damage over time is more then enough punishment for carrying grims, much more then what we had in vermintide.


I like grims giving DOT. Makes you keep up the pace and head to the closest healing station.

However both DOT and capped health together is a bit much. I would say keep one and remove the other. Two of these combined make grims pretty difficult for the whole team.

Yep we tested this. Grimoire resistance on curios does not work at all

There’s a thread somewhere in bug reports that Corruption Resistance and Corruption Resistance (Grimoires) are switched around.
The values however are not, so you can either get a minor grim resist with Corruption Resistance, or you can get a major special damage (dogs, exploders, poxwalkers) resist with Corruption Resistance (Grimoires).

Yeah I don’t pick them up no matter what unless the ogryn gives me one of his rations. Can’t say no to that face. But seriously, not worth it and the game doesn’t tell you in game what getting them actually does other than numbers on a contract.

why would you pick up grims anyway? They’re utterly useless, that’s the real problem.