*What are your best strategies for taking down bosses* (Halescourge, Rat Warlord, Rotblood Champion, Rasknitt + Deathrattler)?

I used to be ranger Kruber main. Now I play knight Kruber or Pyromancer Sienna. Since we can’t one shot bosses anymore, anyone have any particularly helpful tips for any of these bosses?

I’ll post what I’ve heard so far…

Halescourge: Focus adds first and keep in groups of two at the outer rim so his cone of clones only faces half the group.

Rat Warlord: I hear this guy can still be one shot, I have yet to try though.

Rotblood Champion: He will focus one person in the group, so that person needs to block/ sidestep his charges and axe throws till he finds another target. Everyone else damages the Champion.

Rasknitt: He can’t cast if you are punching him in the face. It looks like he shoots homing lightning, but I have seen people dodge it when they are far from Rasknitt.

Deathrattler: Like a rat ogre with guns, if he focuses you keep your distance and dodgeblock.

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Could really use some tips for Halescourge. We nearly wiped at recruit and don’t quite get how to avoid damage in the fight.

My Best strat for Healscourge is: please don’t take grims, and at least 2 players have med kit - yes that mean also one tome less. I know this is nowhere near good strategy. But my willing to survive mission and get any loot at all on end is stronger then 2 grims. One more thing be in the run all times, even while you dps be in motion. It so hard to time dodge that shiet which he cast, that I rather be in motion and have 50% that i go from cast line this shiet then 0% trying to dodge it. Yea I’m bad. But I will learn with time;p
Strength or concentration potion is also coming handy, specially when all 4 players have it.
Yea no grims sux, but this is what we can at least for now pull of to get loot at all.

Pyromancer Sienna, concentration potion, trinket that extends duration of potion, and beam staff + twohanded mace. With the conc potion you can get off several ults (something like 4-5 depending on talents) that will stunlock most bosses and do a pretty good amount of damage. The beam staff does pretty good boss damage and the right click (shotgun) deals with trash and support enemies spawned by bosses. Finally, when all else fails, the two handed mace does good armor and super armor damage for finishing off the rat boss and chaos warrior boss.

I read somewhere that you can shoot his acid waves (or whatever they are) if you are far enough away. He does give a breif auditory and visual warning when he spawns a tornado. Finally, its always good to have one or two people dedicated to dealing with chaos and rat spawns so the heavy damage dealers dont need to. These are just minor tips, sorry I dont have anything game changing.

If you play a knight Kruber you can literally cc lock rat warlord and rotblood champion with the trait that prolongs your potions for the purple potion. That is what me and my premades do each champion run atleast, boss usually dies within the time Kruber is done charging.

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halescourge: protect your wizard from melee mobs while she blasts at him continuously. beam staff is a beast for him. wiz needs to stay far away from him back to wall. if he casts bile ghosts at you, you can dodge sideways to avoid it provided you are far enough away. stay to the sides of the house. if you don’t have a wiz, tough luck, gotta range it up as he teleports around or chase him down. you can strike through the ceiling to smack him on the second floor.

rat warlord: ranged doesn’t work so heavy striking him to death is king. his swings are relatively easy to block.

rotblood champion - all of his attacks are blockable and dodgeable. just need to handle adds because they can really screw up the fight.

rasknitt + deathrattler - use pillars to LOS the rakogri guns, protect your ranged party members as they pop out to shoot him. rasknitt has to be damaged while he teleports around, else he will shoot homing lightning zaps which are impossible to block or dodge.

this is awesome. thx for educating!

Thanks for the tips! The big problem we have: we don’t know all the stuff that can interrupt enemies/bosses. We run a 3 player group, so one bot. The composition is as follows: Ironbreaker, Bounty Hunter, Waystalker, Mercenary (Bot)

off the top of my head:

victor’s 2nd class ability
kruber’s 1st/3rd class ability


Are those pretty much all the available boss-interrupts?

exploding bombs interrupt too

With some communication, you can bring bosses down fast if you’re playing slayer. (Not sure if this trait is slayer only).

My axes have a trait on them; when I block damage, enemies take 50 percent more damage from all sources for 3 or 4 seconds. I always tel my group to let me pull aggro off bosses. Sure enough, they let me attack them, I block, then they all do their special abilities/traits for more crit or whatever and usually burst down bosses in 10 seconds or less sometimes. We’ve had some pretty short boss battles!!

Doesn’t always work depending on team composition but there we go.

Sorry for my Generalist advice. I know it doesn’t specifically advise on how to deal with scripted bosses st the end of maps, but it could help!