Halescourge boss is too MVP

Halescourge boss is literally unbeatable on Vet. Toxic AoE attack is so fast it’s almost impossible to dodge, you got to run away from the boss to have some space. You can try to hide from this attack behind some pillars, but some of the projectiles still will go through it. And all of this while the bullshit hordes coming out of every direction. It’s very unfair and anti-fun boss.
Or am I doing something wrong here?


You are not much wrong here. He feels unbeatable on champ also, havent tried other difficulties. Best i’ve got him was 1/5th hp but got rekt after rest of the team died. He feels very inconsistent and blinks way too often, which would be fine but when you cant avoid all the projectiles with dodges or hiding, its just too much. Basically the fight feels like its based on luck rather than skill.


I tried it last night. On champion
Playing slayer
I cried myself into sleep, only to wake up screaming and drenched in sweat due to toxic gases related nightmares.


Have kruber in your party, he revives people by pressing F

that’s not going to help much when you’re limited to one down, and have a single healing item to spare if you’re doing full books

Ha, ‘If’.

Glares at every bloody completionist.

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Got there today on champion. Wasnt that hard. But that was with 1 grim i think. With 2 it could be quite challenging.


1 Grim = failed run

Go grims or go home.


Se he has, i think, 4 attacks.
The lard clones that he sends in a cone, a poison glob that he lobs at you, the vortex and a disabling ability.
I think the safest is to go in pairs and stay at the edges of the arena, near cover. The lard clones will be blocked by pillars and other large debris, i’ve found it to be very consistent, but there seems to be cases where they clip through cover.
The poison glob is hurled in an upward arch and is dodge-able, the disabling ability can be cancelled if an ally melees the disabled person, while the vortex only affects you if you’re in the middle.
Safest way to damage him is with ranged weapons while staying near cover and preferably with a mate watching your back when there’s adds. If one group can grab most of the adds and pull them to another side it enables the other group to fully unload in their ranged weapons in peace.
When he teleports to the platforms it’s usually a good opportunity to clear all the adds in peace, and get a better overview of the situation to better reposition for when he comes down again.
Grouping up too much gets iffy when maulers and warriors get added to the mix, which is why i don’t advocate a 4-stack.


He’s the only boss I’ve faced where I went “oh, I need to learn his patterns.”

I do wish the wooden pillars blocked the blobs. They should, you fight him in a room with pillars and he shoots stuff. Getting behind them should be encouraged, at the least so that players will quickly pick up they’re avoidable and start thinking of additional ways to do that.


He is very beatable on vet and I’m not even that good of a player. You only need to fill your role in your squad. If you are a crowd killer you do that if you are single target dps you focus on the boss. Successfully defeating him all depends on your squad cooperating well . or HunterKruber with strength pot…

Did him for the first time just now on champion difficulty, someone in the party wrote “just nuke the boss” and we died with boss on around 5-10%. Quickly I could see that clearing adds and playing it safe would have been the way to go. Did not feel that hard but we were Kerillian and Sienna. I did as much as the two other players together and over three times the fourth one. Boss damage was twice Siennas and eight times Kruber and Bardin. So get a half decent group and it shouldn’t be that difficult. Can only imagine 4-man teams, they probably kill him in 10 seconds flat before first add wave.

Easiest way to beat him is to stun lock him and zerg him down.

Get kruber with increased duration oj trait. Give him pot of con, charge drink pot, team shoots him. Charge again, if you have two pots you can pass another one to him. Get nades, throw them after, when get gets up repeat. During the down time everyone just opens up on him.

There are a ton of ways to deal with this boss. Ill acknowledge, its probably one of the harder ones but those ppl calling it impossible to beat, likely will have to step up their game or improve their teamwork. I beat him on second try(vet), after he completely surprised and rofl stomped me on my first try by myself with just bots. Did it again on Champion right after, again with just bots, and beat it on first try this time.

If youre playing alone, make sure to take good care of your bots. Itll pay dividents during the fight. Get them up as soon as you can, as they will definitely take a beating during the fight. Heal them if you have to and youre still at good health. They might just save you. Depending on your class, staying at range and letting the bots tank for you might be your best bet here.

If youre playing with other players, its all down to good coordination and teamwork. Have 1 person clear out the mobs that keep spawning, 1 person to keep the boss busy, preferably with stuns, the other 2 pummel him with ranged or you can try to burst him down if youve got enough dps and potions with you. All of his attacks also have destinct animations that you can learn to get a little heads up on when to dodge etc.

My only problem with him is the aoe blob attack. Can’t dodge it,can’t block it, they travel super fast and appear in random locations. I had him do it 2-3 times in a row one time. It’s just dreadful and I have no effin idea how to avoid it.

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Okay I’ve done the boss three times now. First time was plain ol’ YOLO where we got him to 5% (all random players in three different groups on different runs in champion mode). Second time I messed up horribly and litterally insta died to an add. Third time I told people to take it slow on boss, focus adds, stay far away from boss to avoid the blobs and it worked like a charm. His blob attacks shoots 3 blobs in a frontal cone, quite tightly spaced together. So like every other boss, he who is targeted need to try and move away. If you are too close you can try and get between the middle one and one of the side ones, but testing it you got no chance to get out of the way of the side ones. So you have to get inbetween the mid one and a side one which is not as easy as it sounds. But we had 1 guy dying, and 3 guys falling. The dead guy I revived, the fallen guys I revived. Worked quite well and was a bit suprised how smooth it went with just a tiiiiiiiny bit of tactic. People will just have to do trial and error on him, but nerfing him is not the answer.

If it were like that I wouldn’t mind. It’s when he shoots two waves of blobs around him,one after the other, which seems impossible for me. If it was a simple frontal cone I’d just GTFO of the line of fire with handmaidens dash.

It is like that. A small cone with 3 blobs side by side.

he is definitely beatable on champion. we had a full run today (grims and tomes), but lost the grims due to it being our first time. if you manage to survive, the other players who went dead will respawn and you can pick them up. His vortex is easily avoided (teleports into the middle and starts casting), whereas his acid cast doesn’t feel dodgeable at all. The damage of that cast is not much, you can take it easily even with grims. The instantly spawning enemies, which have to be focused immediately, were the death of 3 of our teammates, who got revived and we went on to the waystone.

His patterns are way too confusing, his blobs are way too fast and hard to dodge and damage over time is insane.

Downed him to 50% on Champ but he sends way too many blobs, Halescourge is absurd compared to the other 2 bosses.

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