Has anyone figured out how to deal with the Halescourge boss?

Sometimes I get lucky and manage to dodge in between two slimes, but most of the time i just get hit with no obvious way out.

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That boss is terrible

Would be nice if you could shoot his Ghost and detonate them early.
Or if “timed blocks” could negate them.

Get aoe reduction. Two players clear trash while the other two shoot him from range. When there’s no trash everyone shoots him. Bombs with damage increased help also. Concentration pots on characters that have cc.

But that’s just a general burst strategy. “Kill it asap, because you can’t avoid his attacks” is really bad design.

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Stay in the corners of the map and scoot along the edges to help deal with the mobs. If you are in the corners the storm thing he does won’t hit you. The black clouds that cc you for a while (he does them when he goes to the upper levels and spawns adds) can be led into pillars or the floor of the upper levels to destroy them. Try to stay away from him so you can dodge his projections and they don’t shotgun you; you can sometimes stand behind a pillar to not get hit by them but that doesn’t always work – its a little wonky.

Basically you want to stay somewhat together to make killing the mobs easier, stay away from the boss and range him when you get a chance. It works pretty well to have everyone focus on the mobs, then once they are trimmed down a bit have a good ranged character (beam staff, drakefire, longbow, etc) shoot at the boss while everyone clears the rest of them out.

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If you get hit by his green goo, dont try to block because you will still take damage and it will destroy your stamina. Just start clearing trash near you by dodging and being aggressive. I think good range damage dealers are needed for this boss fight. You Have to balance your time on clearing trash near you and taking pot shots at him. I think trash spawns endlessly so you cant just clear them and focus solely on the boss. If one of you get stun locked by him, damaging him will let your teammate go I think. Thats all i got for now. If you guys can reliably dodge his green stuff, you are good to go.

It does, but only when he goes to the upper platform. That is when he spawns more stuff and launches the black CC balls at you. He will spawn a wave and then once you kill it all you are free to dps the boss freely until he teleports up again.

Never ever stand in front of him. If he spawns at mid distance facing you, run the other way. This will make room to dodge his snot attacks

This is a fight of patience. Most careers don’t have infinite ammo, and you will have to wait it out and fight adds and specials, dodge all his moves, to dps in the windows of opportunity

be on the other side of the room opposite him. when he does the cast, dodge to the left or right, it’s avoidable. once you understand the range and targetting and delay of cast, you can be quicker at reacting to it while fighting closer to him.

it’s not easy if you are melee on that boss. my recommendation is to stay at range while protecting your ranged pewpewers from stray mobs.

Even at half a room away one side dodge usually doesn’t get me out of harms way and there’s no time for a second one.

Did something change? Could it be that it’s related to ping? I was able to host a game and the slime ghosts felt slower and not like they were homing in on me, so I could actually just side step them without dodging.

ping is a huge factor, definitely. and the slimers don’t home in, they lock on to a target and fire in a cone.

but yea, looks like you got it.

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