A question regarding map specific bosses and the scoreboard


So something many players know by now is that damage done towards map specific bosses like rotblood champion or Rasknitt dont count on the scoreboard.

So even if you do somehow do 2000 towards one of them it wont show.

I realized i knew it was so but i dont know why, does someone else happen to do so?

Unless there is some big behind the scenes reason i´d like to have them count! How else am i supposed to feel gratified when basically pummeling one of those by myself?..i mean aside from the glorious loot of course.

It counts towards your total dmg but aren’t counted as bosses.
The boss dmg on the score board is exclusively the dmg dealt to monsters such as Spawn, Roger, Flamer and Troll.

Map end bosses are lords each with different armor types and base dmg reductions.
Why they aren’t counted in boss dmg or don’t have their own category is unknown.

I believe the non-monster bosses count as “lords” so they are unaffected by +monster damage and will not have damage done to them displayed in the monster line of the post-game stats.

It’d be nice to have a lord damage line, but it would be unused for most levels. Ideally it would be rolled into the monster damage line & renamed.

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