Scoreboard Tweaks

I would love to see how much damage I’m doing to a Lord boss like Halescourge, Ribspreader, Death Rattler, etc.

It would be nice to know how effective some weapons are by knowing exactly how much damage we’re doing to them.

You can add it underneath Boss Damage and just label it Lord Damage.

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:


I have found the following mods helpful in doing stuff like that:

To test properly start a game of your chosen difficulty, and then F10 to cancel. Then use the mods as desired

Fatshark does not sanction mods that have features they mean to implement in the future themselves, so there’s only a small hope we’ll have these tools in the official build


None of those suggestions have anything to do with my post.

An added Lord damage to end game scoreboard would be nice.

Thank you for wasting my time.

You’re very welcome, any time.


You forgot this one:


Thanks I thought that was the first one I linked - must have missed it… Sorry.

None of those mods are sanctioned.

Stop suggesting crap that I cannot use in the official realm.

Thank you.

Those are to test out how good your loadout is against monsters and lords but yes it’s lame that lord dmg doesn’t even get counted as boss dmg or in it’s own category on the statscreen at the end of a map.


Dude, is it some sort of religion that is forbidding you from going modded realm to see how some builds/weapons perform? Srsly, noone tells you to play modded realm, why can’t you just use it from time to time to test stuff?


Because my game crashes every time I use modded realm. It’s absolutely frustrating.

Has never worked for me since the beginning of time.

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