WH rapier pistol dissonance/conflict

i realise that this is not first topic. but still.

CLOSE COMBAT PISTOL? with timing of 1.23 per shot(you will get a hit in face) and hitting only 1 target.
while on veteran needs 3 HEADSHOTS to kill WEAKEST one.
excuse me but this is ludo-narrative dissonance.

This is pistol. its purpose to give ranged combat to player. OK lets imagine its being OP.
what prevents from making 2 kinds of rapier? 1st unlimited ammo,but with reduced dmg to specials at -50%, however at least its supposed to kill small vermins with 1 shot no matter how far. its pistol after all,how its different from 2 pistols?
2nd kind of rapier - incrased damage to specials by 25/50% but limited ammo, only 6 shots. DONE.

why do you give a purely cosmetical pistol on ICONIC weapon of witch hunter, for wich most people select exactly him? for stagger you’d say. Does player really needs to stagger special unit? or he can just quickswitch to ranged and kill it, or kill it in meele? so what this pistol does again?

Rapier. okay. pistol and rapier okay. but rapier and a puke maker isnt very role play helping. no matter how you use this pistol, it shows that its ineffective. again, how rapier is different from other meele weapons? yes, it got a pistol. pistol that does what? gives illusion of damage when you shoot. in close range? pointless,you got the BLADE. in far range? pointless, it deals no damage even to weakest ones. again, why do we got this pistol? it makes rapier different from other weapons. it should be gameplay-based when wielding rapier, if you dont want to use pistol,you can select any other meele weapon. or just use meele, but pistol makes it special. Combo of swordfight + gunfire makes it special.

Any player will do 2 things on saltzpyre. checkout the rapier(because omg it got pistol) and check double pistols because OMG IMA GUNSLINGER. but what happens next? he will shoot from both types of pistols and will have a question. why those kill stff,while this one is not? what if i want to play exactly with rapier and pistol as iconic witch hunter? no, i dont want to use falchion or other non iconic WH weapons.
CONFLICT of interest. why i even have WH/pistol rapier, if i can just have rapier and be the master swordfighter. oh, right i got a pistol, its part of my gameplay. BUT ATM IT IS NOT. it is frustrating to see.


Rapier pistol actually does a pretty high amount of damage close range, enough to kill a marauder with a headshot.

PISTOL. IN CLOSE RANGE. why dont just chop his head off? its faster,and deals more dmg, gives versatility in blocking and frther more. PISTOL. -----------> P I S T O L. in close range.

I second this. The overall Rapier pistol experience is very underwhelming.
Falchion is way too superior in terms of melee, and cosmetic pistol makes literally no sence. (most of players just switch to repeater crossbow (Q) and shot things down.)
It is still good if you have 600 power and playing ONLY recruit difficulty. But lets be honest, nobody is going to use it on legend, because the damage falloff is EXTREME.
Vermintide 1 rapier pistol was ok though, even tho it had ammo counter.

Fatshark, please make rapier pistol GREAT again!!


And you can Stun/Interrupt incoming attacks from anything below a Mauler( Maulers only need 3 Shots from the Sidearm to die on Legend), its pretty good.

Yes, in close range for like 3 meters.
Now imagine chaos marauder doing a hit to your mate, and you want to slay him.
Or just kill some small rats stylish!. Shot-stab-shot-stab was cool in V1, but in V2, its more like shot-shot-shot-stab-walk closely-shot and etc.
The falloff dosnt feel to be balanced, the close range damage is ok, but the range itself is melee already.

umm…why its good? you got rapier stab and BLADE itself in meele, with exactly same range but MORE effective. meanwhile shooting in most EPIC design with pistol just gives a little mouse a small and kind push,as me’ motha used to do when i was young and headed to the bed

seriously. you can stunit with a gun. he is in YOUR MEELE zone,he is doing his MEELE attack on YOU having a BLADE, so you want to give PISTOL SHOT with slow timing to stun it, instead of using blade. is it some kind of a joke? @Acrony what if there are multiple? blade will stagger multiple targets, or kill them. in midrange pistol wont even scratch a slaverat, while STAB kills it instantly, or brace pistols do that

It seams you take this Topic rather personally and so will i as a WH Main. First lets beginn with

You dont waste your Pistol shots on little thing besides saving the Butts of your Teammates from a Backstab “again”.

Love that one, you missunderstand clearly the Sense of the Sidearm, he is not meant to kill, like you already noticed, he is only a Tool for CC.

For the Example you see 2 Maulers, blood thirsty as everyday, coming right to you, so you have your Sidearm and the Rapier, Shot the nearest to your Position and dodge the coming Attack from the other as you stab him and again you interrupt the other Target and so on.
Of course do you not use such Methods to kill a puny thing-thing like Clan Rats, you stab them in there little Faces for the sweet Killing Blow. It is still to you to decide when such Tactic is appropriate to use and when not.

I must say It is really a pity that so many People do not recognize the Potential of each Weapon.

It’s strong enough to stagger/interrupt a surprising number of enemies from ranged, even when you’re for some reason out of ammo on other weapons - and it can do so infinitely and rapidly especially when slash-chaining. I’ve killed assassins and gasrats with this from ranged before they could do a thing, I’ve stagger-clutched my way to rasknitt with this ‘‘weak pistol’’ multiple times and saved a good deal of runs that way.

Rebind the key to like, V or something. But get that key off your mouse and use it as a mid-range weapon, get used to the aim. Just keep it off your mouse so you actually get to aim the bloody thing.

If you want damage get up into something’s face. It’s also strong enough to help a buddy getting flailed by an assassin, whereafter it’s too weak to hurt your friendly and strong enough to staggerlock the assassin so it can’t escape after getting caught in the act.

It’s also good to get aggro from stormfiends with it from ranged if your buds are in a bad spot, and slash-chaining it into a back of a boss is also a good way to quickly get aggro since it uses your passive if you’re on bountyhunter. If you want it buffed then you’re going to end up getting an ammo system for it again and then people are going to complain that it doesn’t have enough ammo xD.


Waitn for that sweet Ammo on it ;…; .

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That sweet 16 ammo that only recovers on ammo pick-up, yumm! Though since people seem to want handgun damage out of a little trusty peashooter that most people don’t even know exists without looking in the settings, it’ll probably be more like 6 ammo :joy:

I’ll add, if you want more damage, kill something with rapier, shoot, kill, shoot, kill shoot. Play it with bountyhunter, it’s ok on other classes but his passive gives you full potential if you put down that falchion for one match.


What we have right now is patently stupid. It’s an infinite water pistol with very questionable uses. Preach all you want that you can use it to stagger things, it’s a MELEE addon to a MELEE weapon.

The pistol in V1 made some modicum of sense and felt good, this feels moronic however. It’s just dumb. Anything it can do, the rapier itself can also do.

Perhaps they should just make the pistol part of the standard light attacks. Or an alternate heavy attack that deals as much damage as current stab but has more range.

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