Welcome back, Sharks. Here's your reading assignment:

In case you missed some of the good topics that came up and were buried in the Forum over your vacation.

I believe I missed two good gameplay feedback topics. Feel free to link any you remember.

I’ll edit in some more, whenever I find them here:

I found another! Well it was recently posted but has some interesting ideas.


Thanks for including my post. There are a lot of good/useful takes in here!


Surprisingly good thread, as the title comes really off as pretentious and arrogant.

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Eh, can’t fault me for a little snark, right?
But the topic was meant in earnest. Collate some good feedback in case anything was missed. Feel free to contribute! :wink:


I wonder if Fatshark has a policy NOT to acknowledge any feedback, because CMs do have that handy little flag they can put on forum topics. You see it used in the technical feedback a lot.

Makes people giving gameplay/general feedback really feel ignored, unheard and unwanted.

Just a little positive reinforcement, so that we can be certain that we don’t scream into the void, eh CMs?

It would also incentivise people to give feedback in a way that is well received, which is within the realms of design intent, I’m sure. :slight_smile: