Game system suggestions

These are just a few suggestions that would turn the game into a linear path that progression can be seen without any trouble. No more RNG xyz because the store isn’t selling an item. No more bad upgrades that force that redo an entire weapon chain because the RNG gods didn’t bestow +%.


  1. Remove curio/weapon rating(You don’t even start at a baseline of 1 when you get your first items)


  1. Sells the base version of a weapon which are allows available once the player unlocks via their trust/level improvement
  2. Sells Crafting resources
  3. Sells cosmetics for clothing + gun


  1. No more rotational missions
  2. Secondary objectives should no longer be easter egg hunts for books. This along with gathering crafting supplies destroys team cohesion and is a net negative when playing with other players especially in higher difficulties.
  3. Remove crafting resource pickups
  4. Create a number of secondary objectives that reward currency
  • No deaths
  • No downs
  • Total kills divided by a certain amount of time spent in a mission
  • Total specials killed divided by a certain amount of time spent in a mission
  • Killing monstrosities
  • Number of deaths + downs subtracts from the total bounty earned
  • Team cohesion modifier being present based upon time in the mission
  1. Allow players to choose the map and the modifiers
  2. Allow players to view the team setup prior to going into a random mission with other player’s gear on display so they know what to equip
  3. Have a checkbox selection that prevents a mission startup for the player unless a team is filled entirely of players
  4. Display a server/slots available for certain map types and how many of those maps are currently being played


  1. Upgrading a weapon unlocks an additional perk but, that perk slot isn’t filled in
  2. Crafting includes creating the perk slot item (Akin to a WoW gem) that the player uses on the item to give the boon
  3. Players can upgrade that perk item with a straight up cost no more RNG rerolls
  4. The primary stats on a weapon can be adjusted/improved but, it comes at the cost of another stat on the weapon. An example would be the flamethrower increasing the amount of ammo reduces the mobility of that item. Some items of course will be more preferable with having certain stats maxed out but, giving the player the agency to make that decision is preferable to RNG.
  5. Allow craftable modifications and attachments


  1. Give players the option similar to the cinematic skipping to use an interface to access everything. Some players it takes upwards of around a minute+ to load into the hub area and when a crash does occur it’s incredibly frusturating spending that time again

Character creation

  1. Give the ability of the character to change their voice actor at any time. With the game limiting the number of slots to five players are missing out hearing the voicelines
  2. Increase the number of character slots to the genders of each possible archetype

Cosmetic Store

  1. Permanent items present there at all times. No more rotational. Reinforce players wanting to play your game by encouraging them to play rather than forcing store logging and FOMO


  1. Create better penances that inflict pain on the player rather than their team. Having them do a feat of strength such as slay X amount of enemies in a single shot or doing Y is preferable to having the team suffer due to the penances requirement of health percentages/time/suicidal behavior.


  1. No more weekly contracts. Make the contract be a permanent contract that players can do to earn contract points or currencies.
  2. Contracts now reward the player with crafting resources + money + cosmetic store currency for completing a contract.
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Right here is where I think developers stopped reading.


Let me fix that. Now they can stop reading it.

At least put it down further

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Taken care of lol

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agreed with most of it except ones which encourage rushing. (missions 4 - time spent factors included)

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This is just included to prevent camping a spawn for extra money. Though this could also be done to not make it lucrative to simply farm enemies as the primary objective would yield far more. It’s all suggestive if and only if the total kills yields more or close to the amount a primary objective completion would yield.

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