Potential Future Update -

So, ive been playing for a little while now, and i enjoy the game in its current state a huge amount, but ive been thinking about ways it could be lifted in certain areas - Below are some of my suggestions and thoughts.
Some of them do draw from other games as inspiration but i dont think this is a bad thing to be honest.

  • A cruible style dungeon / where you que as you would for quick play and there is no level of difficulty, you just face waves and waves of enemies, that become increasingly harder as the time passes. Different combinations of enemies would challenge even the most seasoned players and force groups to think about which careers they use in combination with eachother to overcome such a difficult game mode,

The crucible would be gated behind the player being required to complete the standard story on veteran mode or higher, with atleast 1 career. I dont have much of a thought out idea of how rewards would work but it should be the more waves you complete etc the better the reward, players will always receive a reward when they (wipe) the only way to end this “mission” is for the party to die or for them to reach a set checkpoint after X amount of waves .

  • Although i dont think the current story is bad, i think its a well polished and finished article, but i think we do need another 2nd playable story for those that have already completed the 1st one on veteran or higher, so it would progress on from the current story.

  • I think a good idea would be to add “roles” to the game for people who want a more specified experience, for example, “single target damage” “wave clear” “tank/knock back” etc, it should not increase que times however or be to restrictive but it will give players something to base their efforts around and say for example if someone is already running an AoE sienna build, kruber may want to switch to a shade kerri build for boss damage, etc, it just gives players more information on how the people they are grouped with consider their play style to be which will allow you to act accordingly if your the type of player that prefers to play with a bit more tactic than just brute forcing everything down.

-Lastly i think random missions simalar to diablo 3’s rift system would be a huge addition to this game, if they could introduce a greater rift system it would make this game something that would be very difficult to rival.
Simalar to the crucible these missions will be RNG and have a small objective of taking down an end level boss, with grims and tomes removed with more creative ways to spice up what kind of loot you get, including difficulty, time taken to complete, amount of group knock downs etc, so people start to think more about their team comp and keeping eachother alive rather than tagging people in and out of knockdowns to brute force their way through content. which you see alot in champ tbh.

Last stand was a thing in V1 but the developers said they might not return to it.

If you are maxed out you are overpowered by design on every difficulty except legend and deeds.

I didnt play V1 tbh, but what i meant by “brute forcing” was approaching the content in a way that only involves going in guns blazing and hoping for the best, most of the game this results in a failed mission, im not talking about those that are overgeared for the content im talking about those that use no brains when engaging the content. I can see how i worded it was slightly confusing tbh with you.

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